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Dental Implants over traditional tooth replacement systems

Losing a tooth at a certain age is a very common issue. People who lose their teeth might feel awkward and different from others. But a lot of people face such issues. The reason can be anything, tooth decay, accidental tooth loss. The solution to this is surely a replacement. Partial dentures or fixed bridges are certainly a good option. However, in today’s era what Scottsdale dentist is offering are dental implants. 

Dentists have started considering the option of dental implants more frequently. As they are a permanent solution and give patients a natural look. Whereas, patients also welcomed this new option with open hands. There are some reasons why people hesitate to go ahead with this treatment. The most common reason for not going for this process is that they are very expensive. If more teeth are required to be replaced, implants can be an expensive option.

There are other inexpensive options for the patients. But before you give a thought to other affordable options, look at why you must go for implants. Below are the reasons why dental implants Scottsdale is a better option for tooth replacement.

  • Natural and functional :

All other restoration can give you a look of natural teeth. They are surely functional as they are reasonably life-like. Whereas, implants will not only give you a natural look but will work as your real teeth. This is because they replace not just the crown but the tooth from the root.

  • An investment : 

Dental Implant comes with durability and lasts for several years. Sometimes due to chewing pressure, the other restorations might get affected. They don’t attain a very long life and tend to get affected easily. If we consider all the costs incurred in installation, maintenance, and replacement which occur in long run, then implants prove to be a lot less costly. Dental implant specialist Scottsdale makes sure you get the best deal.

  • Bone friendly : 

All other restoration options fail to stop the gradual bone loss. This bone loss happens due to missing teeth, even dentures accelerate it to an extent. Implants on the other hand are made up of titanium. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that is bone-friendly and doesn’t cause any bone loss. Bone cells here grow rapidly and adhere to their surface. With implants gradually slow down or even stop the bone loss.

  • Versatile :

Dental Implants are a compatible solution to your tooth loss as they can be used for single or more than one tooth replacement. In case you already attained any traditional treatment, an implant will support your treatment. If you feel that the implant is costly you can incorporate other restoration processes with an implant as it will provide durability and bone strength. It enhances the benefits of traditional tooth replacement systems.

The dental implant is not a very good option for those who have faced major tooth loss or advanced bone loss. Hence, our dentist doesn’t always suggest dental implants to every other patient. Scottsdale believes in transparency and suggesting the best for patients. But if you are fit for an implant then it’s a great way to invest in your natural-looking and long-lasting smile. 

If you still have some information or suggestions, reach out to us today.

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