Dark Knight Fashion: For Better Or For Worse??

Batman Costume: Worst or Best?!

The Caped Crusader has worn a variety of fashion outfits during the course of the live-action Batman film series, while Arkham knight red hood jacket remains the favorite. These have been introduced for a variety of reasons, including practical reasons (technological advancements) and just to give Batman a fresh appearance. Some Batsuits have been great, while others have been terrible. What, on the other hand, are the finest Batman movie costumes? The Batman movie costumes are graded from worst to greatest on this page. Because the evaluations are based on usefulness and innovation.


Batman: The Movie 

Although it may seem tough, Adam West’s Batman fashion outfit has to rank at the bottom of the rankings. It’s not just the least intimidating of the live-action Batsuits, but it’s also the least functional. What happened to the body armor? What happened to the protective gauntlets? And what was Alfred’s thought process when he allowed Bruce Wayne to leave the Batcave dressed like this? The multipurpose belt, which includes every device imaginable, earns points for this costume, but it won’t assist the Caped Crusader whether he’s shot at point-blank range while singing the Batusi!


George Clooney – Batman & Robin 

Batman changes his fashion outfit in the last act of Batman & Robin. A dreadful fashion outfit change. A huge silver Bat Symbol is featured on the chest and silver embellishments all through the outfit. Not only does this transform Batman into a walking target, but the design is also completely useless.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 

Affleck’s Batsuits receive a lot of attention in this piece (see below), but one of them. The one he wore during the movie which appeared on TV Batman v Superman’s “nightmare sequence” – just doesn’t make it. Oh, it may appear to be cool, but is it truly functional? In the desert, wearing a Batsuit, trench coat, and scarf? Unless the Caped Crusader’s outfit has a built-in ventilation system, he’ll pass out just from the warmth!



It may seem blasphemy, but Michael Keaton’s original Bat-suit, as iconic as it is, is inconvenient. His range of motion is restricted (particularly in the head), and he seems to be rough around the borders. Certainly, the outfit can withstand a few gunshots and numerous run-ins with thugs, but it doesn’t seem like Batman is exactly where he should be when it comes to combating crime. Is this something Alfred threw together on the spur of the moment?


Batman Forever 

Val Kilmer’s second Bat-suit, which he sports towards the conclusion of Batman Forever, is a unique version of his Keaton-esque garment. The Bat symbol on the front has been integrated into the outfit, making it appear cool, and it now incorporates sonar technology as well as a convenient coin slot in the utility belt.


Batman Returns 

Michael Keaton’s outfit receives an update for his second tour as the Caped Crusader. It’s delicate, and some people won’t even notice, but it’s a new outfit. Keaton’s Mark II outfit is more streamlined and less bulky, allowing him to move more freely. New weapons are added to Batman’s utility belt, but the greatest part is that his cape can transform into wings, allowing him to fly across the streets of Gotham.


Batman Forever 

Val’s first outfit is a significant improvement over Keaton’s second. Although there are some variations, it is apparent that the Caped Crusader is aiming for a certain appearance. The head turn continues to be an issue in terms of practicality, but this suit has a lot of amazing features, along with a gliding cape, a variety of gadgets, and, most importantly, a shield that shields Batman from fire!


Batman & Robin 

Whatever you think of the Batnipples, Clooney’s first Bat-suit, which he wears for the duration of Batman & Robin, is very stunning. It’s not only figure-hugging and elegant, but it also transforms him into a one-man Swiss army! Are you having trouble walking on slick roads? This outfit comes with built-in ice skates, so no worries. Do you want to float in the air? Yes, we’ve got you covered with a long-lasting, gliding cape!


This outfit is equipped with gripping hooks which lash out at every chance, so sliding up and down walls isn’t an issue. For emergencies (and non-emergencies), this outfit even includes a Bat-credit card hidden away in the utility belt! Okay, Clooney’s outfit reminds me more of Inspector Gadget than Batman, but it’s still extremely useful. Incredibly useful.


Batman Begins 

Christian Bale’s first Batsuit for Batman Begins was meticulously constructed. This costume doesn’t about look; it’s about assuring that a man dressed as a bat is adequately protected and has the tools he needs. The design incorporates wrist gauntlets, a fully equipped utility belt, and a shape-shifting cloak. The only disadvantage? In the cowl, he still has limited head mobility!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 

The first Batman fashion outfit worn by Ben Affleck is mostly grey, with a big black Bat symbol on the chest. This outfit would be a shoo-in if this rating was based only on its “cool” aspect. The tactical features of the outfit are what make it appear atop the list. It’s snug, well-protected, and comes with a substantial utility belt and tiny ears. The emphasis here is on a suit that allows Bruce Wayne to get to work rather than a garment that improves him. The outfit is only a non-intrusive additional layer of protection for Affleck, who is a unit.


Justice League 

Is it available in black? Yes, it is! How about a pair of goggles? In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, Affleck wears a fashion costume that improves his body while remaining unrestrictive. However, the outfit seen in Justice League takes one step further by removing the grey and replacing it with black, as well as providing greater protection.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 

How can you go up against a force like Superman? You don the most protective Batsuit you can find. When the Caped Crusader goes toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel, the tank-like combat armor provides a bit more protection, and it can surely take a hit. What’s the drawback? It’s too big for a typical battle.


The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises 

Christian Bales’ outfit from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises has to be the finest Batsuit. It not only has all of the advantages of his Begins suit, but it also eliminates the annoying head turn. Batman’s cowl has been given a lot more mobility, allowing him to move his head from side to side without needing to relocate his full body. It’s the small details that make the most impression.

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