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Damaging Impacts of Technology on Children

Nowadays, a very common sight to see is kids having their eyes hooked on screens for hours. With the Impacts of Technology media, it is no surprise that infants now chew on to smartphones and tabs instead of their regular toys. For the past couple of years, parents have been using gadgets to placate their children because they no more have the time to deal with them with patience. Lives have gotten busier and so, the solution has shifted towards electronic media instead of the traditional parent-child bonding.

According to reports published by law essays help UK, an exceptional increase in children’s usage of smartphones and other gadgets has been noticed within a timeframe of two years only. Similar surveys conducted on parents revealed that the exposure of gadgets to toddlers especially increased from 10% to 38%. Following this, Pediatric Academy in America discouraged technology exposure for children, stating that it deteriorates their mental health significantly leading to alarming outcomes later in life.

Every situation has its merits and demerits, but in the case of smartphones, evidence suggests the substantial adverse effects are discouraging their use by children. Let us shed light on some of the most worrying impacts of technology on the young.

Disrupted Cognitive Development

When a child is young, particularly in their toddler years, their brain starts to develop at a very fast pace. The process of growth continues till they reach adulthood and it is when they have their brains developed enough to form their own worldviews. However, if children get introduced to gadgets at a very young age, it can severely disrupt their process of brain development. Smartphone technology works in a way that it directs humans to follow its mechanism. It is ironic in the sense that these machines are made by humans but are now directing their developers.

When children constantly deploy it as a source of entertainment and pacification, they start depending on it. This is exactly what stops their brains from functioning to the fullest. As a result, the process of cognitive development is seriously disrupted that calls upon major brain issues such as; cognitive delays, attention deficit, increased impulsivity, impaired learning, and decreased ability to regulate independently.

Physical Issues by Technology

It is an undeniable fact that technology with its excessive facilitation is making people follow a sedentary lifestyle. Children, who need fresh air from outside and need to indulge in physical activities more, sit back at home with their main source of fun: smartphones! They do not burn the calories they intake consequently suffering from physical problems like obesity. Obesity is a major cause of increasing risks of cardiac and other fatal diseases. Reports reveal, one in three children in the US is suffering from obesity, which is an extremely alarming situation due to the unavoidable complication that may occur next.

Moreover, in some cases, children do not eat without their tab, and that is what makes its usage a necessity. Their appetite starts depending on technology; perhaps a worrying phenomenon!

Mood Shifts

Many parents now are frustrated with their children always throwing tantrums at them. With minor inconveniences, they get extremely aggressive and act stubborn. Playing with gadgets for prolonged hours instills aggressiveness and causes an emotional imbalance in children. It also develops a sense of self-rule in them, making them want things to go their way always. This in turn makes them disobey their elders and not follow any rules and regulations whenever required. Parents know what is best in their child’s interests, but with disobedience, children will inevitably suffer from results that ensue. They get deprived of formative behavioral development making them involved in misconduct on a regular basis.

Exposure to Radiation

According to 2011 reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), smartphones and wireless devices are at risk category 2B due to the radiations they emit. These radiations are proven to be extremely damaging for body cells and the brain, in particular. The frequency radiations are a major threat to young children who are in the process of development and growth. Stated by Dr. Anthony Miller from the Public Health Department of the University of Toronto.

Social Isolation

Playing with gadgets is a form of independence as children do not need anyone to play with when they have their smartphones for entertainment. They can play a variety of games or even watch eye-appealing videos continuously for extended hours. This leads to them spending minimal time with other children and most importantly their parents. They suffer from significant social isolation and are emotionally cut off from others around them..

Sleep Deprivation

According to studies, youngsters who rely on technology devices for happiness do not experience the need for sleep as they become addicted. They do not just miss out on their sleep but also lose a healthy appetite. Sleep deprivation ultimately leads to undesired mood swings as children lacking good sleep act all grumpy and annoyed following day. Consequences also include reduced attention and less productivity.

Eyesight Problems

Centuries ago, science and discovery had already proved how radiations can adversely affect the eyesight of humans. Eye specialists say that those who focus on objects at varying distances have better and clearer vision than those who stare at things at one particular distance. Children tend to stare at screens for too long which in turn damages their eyesight as they grow older.

Despite all the destructive consequences, some experts and even parents are in favor of providing their children with technological resources that facilitate their learning. However, parents must acknowledge the devastating effects it has on young children and strike a balance in its usage. This way they can enjoy the benefits of technology and also avoid undesirable outcomes.

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