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Custom Cereal Boxes – The Role of Color

How Consumers are Influenced by Cereal Boxes?

Custom cereal box color plays a crucial role at every stage of the consumer’s interaction with the products, ranging from the initial search for a product in the supermarket aisle or online, through its use at home, and the discarding of any waste after use. Custom cereal boxes play a key role in categories as diverse as Food & Beverage. Color can be even more critical for products in this category, given that they are normally displayed in their custom cereal boxes.

What the consumer sees plays a key role in driving their attention and setting their product-related expectations. Among the various custom cereal box design and visual cues available to packaging designers and consumers, color is one of the most important as far as capturing consumers’ attention is concerned.

Color cues also happen to be amongst the most diagnostic when shaping the consumer’s product- and brand-related expectations. This is particularly important considering the suggestion that common repeat FMCG or food purchases are typically made in a matter of seconds by consumers who have likely already been bombarded by a wide range of product substitutes and alternatives.

Winning Consumers’ Hearts at First Moment of Truth

One of the key challenges facing many food brands relates to how custom cereal box color can prime the most appropriate impression at the various moments of their consumers’ interaction with a given product. Success can be achieved at ‘the first moment of truth’ by modifying the color of custom printed cereal boxes to increase/optimize shelf standout.

However, the custom cereal box design solution may then ‘fail’ at the second ‘moment of truth’ with consumers reporting that their experience of the product has also changed. In this case, they may find the cereal to have gone bad or contaminated. The Packaging Republic believes that custom printed cereal boxes can play a major role in facilitating product search and shelf standout, setting product expectations, and, finally, influencing the consumer’s product experience. Read more the general time.

How Consumers are Influenced by Cereal Boxes?

The consumers are influenced by the cereal boxes’ color in three ways: the physiological, the associational, and the cultural. Many packaging and branding experts believe that cereal boxes’ color can also take on a signature function. It means that over the years, some food brands and companies succeed in establishing their distinctive color scheme as a recognizable attribute of their brand identity. The color can speak for the brand theme or personality. For example, Cadbury’s Dairy milk purple or Coca-Cola’s red. A carefully chosen brand name, logo and color carry the intrinsic meaning that becomes central to the brand’s identity. These intrinsic elements contribute to creating individual brand recognition and differentiation.

The cultural meanings of custom cereal boxes wholesale colors also vary and require a lot of learning. For instance, purple is associated with mourning in Japan. However, in other cultures, purple speaks for royalty, creativity, and wealth. Therefore, while choosing the colors, make sure to consider their cultural meaning in the targeted market. Every brand and company needs to be sensitive to the cultural implications of color, especially when you plan to create your own cereal box for entering into a new market. Those companies whose signature color has already been firmly established in one marketplace may have little opportunity to change the color of custom cereal boxes wholesale, even if they wanted to when entering another.


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