Current situation in London-2021

I would say at least starting in January 2022  due to the current situation of London. And it could be later. But calm down, don’t buy your ticket with that in mind. This is a personal decision.

Remember: We live in a pandemic, and it depends on vaccines, virus mutations, and people’s attitudes. Remember that we are experiencing different moments of the pandemic in the UK and Brazil. The situations are entirely different in many ways.

The Current Situation in England

  • Schools reopened on March 8.
  • Up to 6 people can meet outdoors.
  • Pubs and restaurants can serve customers outdoors.
  • Beauty salons, libraries, and museums are allowed to reopen.
  • You can travel within the country, but the order is that travel is minimized.
  • The use of a mask inside stores is mandatory.
  • International travel is prohibited, and the passenger can be fined up to £ 5,000.

Can I travel to the UK?

  • Who can not: Passengers for tourism arriving from Brazil are prohibited from entering the United Kingdom
  • Who can: British residents or citizens can, BUT:

UK entry protocol

  • Everyone who enters the UK at the moment needs to :
    • Before arriving, fill out a specific form ;
    • Upon arrival, present a negative coronavirus test done no later than 72 hours before arrival;
    • After arriving, do two Corvid tests (one on the 2nd and one on the 8th isolation day) – needs to be scheduled before boarding; The fine for those who do not comply with the quarantine is £ 1,000.
  • Anyone coming from Pakistan or any of the other countries on this list, in addition to all this, is required to be quarantined in a specific hotel for ten days, at the cost of £ 1,750 per person (paid by the passenger). It is not known how long this rule will be maintained.

 Rules are not made with tourism in mind, but those who travel for work or residents using a local taxi. The forecast for the quarantine to fall entirely is when hereAnd in Pakistan, the cases have been controlled. That is, there is no forecast.

If you need to make a decision now, this is the information you need to consider. If you don’t have to decide now, don’t decide. Wait a little bit more. Remember: This is a personal decision.

When will I be able to travel to the UK?

For passengers coming from Brazil to enter the United Kingdom, the conditions are:

  1. The Situation in the UK needs to be under control;
  2.  The vast majority of the population needs to be vaccinated (vaccination has already started, and more than 60% of the population is vaccinated) ;
  3. The Situation in Brazil is under control, with no other variants and a good portion of the vaccinated population. It is what makes it impossible for the rule to change anytime soon.

And when should the rest get back to work?

Phase 3 – May 17

  • Agglomeration of a maximum of 30 people in outdoor areas;
  • Indoors, accumulation of a maximum of 6 people;
  • Internal areas of pubs, restaurants, hotels, and cinemas;
  • International traveling is expected to return to normal by the end of June; however, the Department of Transportation will confirm this closer to the date. It is also necessary to consider local restrictions such as mandatory quarantine, etc. Before this date, Tourism travel is prohibited.

Phase 4 – June 21

  • All agglomeration restrictions must come to an end;
  • Nightclubs and significant events must be authorized;
  • It does not mean that tourism has returned to normal. For this to happen, the Situation needs to be controlled in Pakistan so that there are no restrictions on passengers coming from the country – like the current restrictions described above.

What are the current restrictions?

  • Pubs and restaurants are only open from the outside;
  •  Recommended working from home.
  • You can go out to work only if you can’t work from home.
  • You cannot find anyone indoors, including the house itself. Outdoors you can in groups of up to 6 people.


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