Crucial for CRM Business to invest in SugarCRM Email to Lead

Whenever my business receives a huge amount of emails from potential leads, I want that record to be made in my CRM software automatically. The reason why I want this to be done faster is it saves me productivity and alleviates my effort. The faster process helps to focus more on other critical work in lieu of spending all the time in creating and updating records from inbound email to CRM manually. Wherefore, SugarCRM Email to Lead product is a top-tier solution for parsing text from email swiftly. This article will help you to know how it can make your Records promptly without your effort. 


CRM’s best Investment is Email to Lead product

Easy for every CRM Business for parsing text from email to SugarCRM. This extension will handle this by making all the vital records automatically for your business team. No human error from now on. Generally, you receive so many emails that it’s quite a daunting task to update them in CRM software. Because the activity is time-consuming. Better you should invest in this product to boost up your productivity and complete the operation swiftly. 

We have a Great story to share

Last year in the month of October 2021, one of our clients said that he daily parses whatever the data he receives on email such as Name, Phone number, Website link, Job title, etc. He used to keep priority work aside and paid attention to this work all the time. All this they were doing manually. He said to us that if the whole team does this similar work all the time (which is important too) then how will they focus on other effective tasks for our business. 

Our Developer shared the compelling solution called SugarCRM Email to Lead add-on. It parses all the crucial details automatically and updates everything in your CRM. This helps their CRM company to make decisions more quickly. Every email will be attached to the history. It enable user to check out the details there as well.        


Functionalities to know about Email to Lead add-on

This is something that you can’t ignore. If you are planning to invest in such an exceptional product then make sure to know all the effective features.

  • Starting with the splendid functionality that is: create and update records from inbound email to any module. Yes, you can choose any module of SuiteCRM for your task. There is no restriction at all!  
  • You are allowed to make dozens of Mappers as per your requirement. Suppose by default the mapper of Contact number is created as “Contact”. A user can now create a different mapper like “Phone number”, “Contact me”, etc. Maybe your leads can share the details in any way. So better would be to create a different mapper also to parse the details from inbound email swiftly.


About Duplicate detector functionality

  • We are offering the functionality of a Duplicate detector. It will not let you create same client record twice. Suppose you receive an email twice with the same email address, Subject line, and Phone number the extension will not create the record again. It will automatically skip to not create any confusion for the business
  • You must also understand the Spam detector module here. An (just an example) is sending emails relentlessly and that’s not related to your business so this plugin’s functionality will assist you. Just add the URL there or keyword and if the next time the company shares any email, it will first go through from the scanner module. The plugin will detect whether the subject line and body match the URL. The similar record will not be created in your CRM. It will update in existing one.


New Update feature! Strict from Emails

  • The top-most functionality we recently launched is Strict from Email. Suppose one of your business teams wants that the record should be created only from The team doesn’t want to create records from other email addresses. In this scenario, nothing is ultimate than the Email to Lead add-on of SugarCRM. The product will skip all the emails and will not create any record as only it will create from the email you want. 

Get in touch with Outright Store which has all great intuitive products that are fully advanced like this. You can also leverage extensions like Backup and restore, Email drip campaign, etc. 


I am Aashna Khanna, a customer representative at the OutRight Store. We provide plugins for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM. We also have exposure to other technologies like cloud communication, marketing automation, Google Workspace, etc. Apart from this, we have an automated lead generation tool that can parse data from emails of any format and save them into CRM, Google Sheets, or any other platform of your choice. Our goal is to automate the business workflow as much as possible so the personnel can focus on their valuable tasks.

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