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Convert Outlook PST file to MBOX Using Top 2 Solutions

Export PST to MBOX With or Without Outlook

Summary: This article will teach the reader how they can convert Outlook PST file to MBOX format. If you want to access the PST file in another email client as well, you need to convert it to the MBOX file format. Read on and get the simple steps to fulfill your request.

Email is the basic requirement of any organization and personal usage. In this digital world, the name Outlook comes first on the list of email client applications. It is available for both Windows and Mac systems. If users want to switch from Outlook to another email client such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird, users need to export data to the MBOX file format.


PST files are a proprietary format that is used to store email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, appointments, and other items from an Outlook installation.

An MBOX file is a format used for storing plain text emails on Unix-like Operating Systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. It is used by 30+ email clients to store mailbox data such as Mac Mail, SeaMonkey, Entourage, Eudora, PocoMail, and more.

The data in PST files cannot be imported into other email clients like Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Exporting into MBOX is one way of dealing with this problem.

Common Reasons Behind PST to MBOX Conversion

The most common reason for people wanting to convert Outlook PST file to MBOX is because they want to switch over from Microsoft Outlook. The reasons for this vary but the major one is because they want a better experience with email and calendaring.

Along with this, there are many reasons why users export PST to MBOX file format. Some of the main reasons include:

  • The size of PST files can be really large and it can take a lot of time to search through them.
  • Some users find it difficult to manage their email accounts because they have too many PST files.
  • Users need a backup solution for future use or back up their PST files regularly so that they have a copy of the data in case something goes wrong with Outlook.
  • The user wants to use an email client that does not support PST files, such as Thunderbird or Postbox.
  • PST files are not supported by the Mail app on OSX.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult or impossible to open the .pst files in Outlook due to corruption, in that case, the user wants to convert PST files into MBOX format.

Solutions to Convert Outlook PST file to MBOX Format

There are two scenarios, sometimes users have MBOX supported email clients like Thunderbird and want to open the PST file in Thunderbird. Others are when the user has a PST file but Outlook is not installed in the system and wants to export PST to MBOX without an Outlook application.

In the following section, we will discuss solutions for both users’ needs. You can choose any as per your needs.

Solution 1: Export PST to MBOX without Outlook

In general, there is no direct or manual solution there to help you convert Outlook PST file to MBOX without MS Outlook. To solve this problem, an automated tool is the only solution. Outlook to MBOX Converter allows you to export PST file to MBOX file format without Outlook installed on the system. It works with both Windows and Mac OS.

Here are the steps to do conversion without MS Outlook installation:

Step 1. Download and install the PST converter tool on the system.

outlook to mbox converter

Step 2. Add PST file by choosing a select file or search from the drive option.

add file

Step 3. Preview all emails with attributes and click Export from the top.

preview the emails

Step 4. Select MBOX from the list of multiple saving formats.

convert pst to mbox without outlook

Step 5. Choose destination and tab the Export button.

convert outlook pst file to mbox

The conversion starts automatically; You can analyze the live report on the software screen. After the conversion is complete, go to the selected destination and view the resulting MBOX file.

Now, it is easy to import the MBOX file in any supported email application within a few mouse clicks.

Solution 2: Convert Outlook PST file to MBOX Without Outlook via Thunderbird

If you have Outlook and Thunderbird applications installed on your application, the conversion process becomes possible for users. Follow these steps to perform this task:

Step 1. First, type Default App Settings in the search box on your system.

Step 2. Select Outlook as the default application for the email to proceed.

Step 3. After that, open the Thunderbird application and go to Tools from the top right corner.

Step 4. Here, select the Import option.

Step 5. In the Import Window, select Mail to import and click Next.

Step 6. Select Outlook under select the type of file that you want to import and click Next.

Step 7. Hit the Finish button to finalize this procedure

Step 8. Now, make Thunderbird as Default email from the Default Apps Settings.

Step 9. Again open Thunderbird and right-click on the folder that contains Outlook data.

Step 10. Select ImportExportTools NG >> Export folder (zipped) and select location of file.

Step 11. Extract the zip file and you will get an MBOX file.

These are manual steps to convert Outlook PST to MBOX file format. Now, import this file into the desired application.


  • Requires Outlook and Thunderbird application installation on the computer
  • Takes a long time to complete the task
  • Quite difficult to execute for non-technical users


Email conversion is required when users switch from one application to another or when they switch operating systems. In today’s blog, we talked about the most searched query – how to convert PST to MBOX file format. Here we have mentioned two solutions to help the user convert Outlook PST file to MBOX format. You can choose according to your need.

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