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Comparing The Different Types Of Mobile App Development

Native, Hybrid, Web App

Mobile Application Development 

Mobile Apps are the ones that play a vital role in creating a digital platform for businesses in this digital era. We can say that mobile apps have made a revolutionized change in the world of business. It’s a unique business strategy. In recent years, many significant changes are involved in mobile App Development. There are numerous mobile app development types, which are preferable for you to know If you will develop a mobile app. 

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In this article, we will give a brief about the mobile app development types. You can get an idea about the particular mobile App Development that is perfect for your business.

Most popular app categories

 There are numerous mobile app development types in which few are discussed below :

Native App Development 

In Native App Development, the Apps are specifically built separately for the operating system. For Instance, If you are going to build a mobile application, You have to develop a separate app for a different operating system such as Android or iOS. Angry Bird is one example of Native Apps.

Native App development encourages the compatibility and smooth functioning of the device. Due to this, The Native App has the best user experience and remains ideal in the market of mobile app development.

 Bright Sides of Native App are as follows 

  •   Friendly to multiple OS because simple coding is used for a particular OS.
  • Excellent Performance on separate Operating Systems.
  • Highly interactive with several features into the Mobile.

 Dark Side of Native Apps are as follows 

  •  Building a Native App is highly Time-consuming as the developer has to develop a separate app for a specific OS.
  •  Native App has a long release cycle to ensure the stability of the App. 
  •   A separate CodeBase requires adding a new feature in the Native Apps.

Hybrid App Development

In this type of Mobile development, a hybrid approach is followed to build an app; these apps contain the best qualities of Native Apps and Native Apps. The Hybrid Apps can be accessible across multiple devices. These Apps are written in HTML and Javascript programming languages. Hybrid Apps are made upon a single platform, and after that, it is distributed among Playstore or apple.

 Bright Sides of Hybrid App Development are as follows 

  •  Easy to build apps.
  •  These apps can work offline 
  • These apps take less time to be delivered to the Market.

Dark Sides of Hybrid App Development are as follows 

  •  These Apps are more expensive than the web apps 
  •  These apps are less interactive than the native apps
  •  These apps are unable to perform some tasks which are specific to Operating systems.

Web App Development 

In this type of App development, those are developed which do not require separate storage in any devices, and You can also access these through the web by browsing them. These can only function in Online mode. Like the Native Apps, These are also highly responsive and can be easily accessible on any device. The hosted server automatically updates them. Child Fund International is an example of Web Apps.

Bright Sides of Web Apps are as follows  

  •  Highly Reachable 
  • No installation for an app is needed 
  • These Apps will remain always be updated 
  •  These Apps reduce the business cost 

 Dark Side of Web Apps are as follows :

  • There are various security risks while using the web Apps 
  •  These apps become inactive when a user becomes offline.
  •  If you want to develop a web application, the process will consume a lot of time.

Progressive Web App Development: 

In this type of App Development, some web extensions use on the computer or other devices, and later the extensions can be used as applications. Twitter is one example of Progressive Web Apps. This type of apps uses Web browser APIs to bring the native-like Apps experience to the user. These applications are the web pages that we can store in our Mobile or other devices as web Applications. The functioning of these types of apps does not affect by any operating system and devices.

 Bright Sides of Progressive Web App are as follows. 

  •  They use less data intensively. 
  •  If you wish to share this App  
  •  These Apps can get upgraded like a Webpage. 
  • It is not mandatory to install these apps because Progressive Apps are just a simple webpage. You can easily install them, as you like them.

Dark Sides of Progressive Web App are as follows:

  •  The Progressive Web Apps can lead to some significant issues related to the hardware.
  •  The Progressive Web Apps are not suitable to go with the latest hardware Advancements.

A word from us

It is undeniable that Mobile apps are the vital pillar in this digital world to promote the business on digital platforms. In the above write-up, We have focused upon the types of Mobile app development. We know that Mobile App Development is not an easy process. This phenomenon needs deep knowledge of coding. You can hire a top-rated Mobile App development company to develop your dream App.  

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