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Common Skincare Mistakes That You May Be Doing

The world in the present time is obsessed with skincare and it can be both a great and bad thing. Skincare is absolutely important. Your skin is the hugest organ in the body. Of course, it to guard it and to take care of it is about more than just looking ageless or pore-less, it is about staying fit and healthy.

It is always better to take care of your skin but it can turn out to be a devil for you if you are not doing it the right way.  Certainly, in case you are taking additional precautions a consciously using the best vegan moisturizer with spf and know that your skin is sensitive and cannot just take any chemicals, it’s great. However, there are some common skin errors that you could be making all these years. Have a peep below:

Don’t use soap on your face 

If you are refusing to go for an expensive cleanser, and you are still making use of a soap bar to wash your face daily, you are actually doing more harm than any good.  As per some professionals, if you wash the face with bar soap, you right away strip the skin of all its water.  It is something that heads up to dead skin build-up.   To apply moisturizer is then rendered type of useless, as all it’s doing is fixing the damage you just did. Moreover, bar soap even clearly reverses the advantages of any type of exfoliant you used, no matter it is a scrub or a chemical exfoliant. It is better to use the right type of face cleanser and moisturizer than to stick to your soaps and harm your skin unknowingly.

Do you do anything next to cleansing?

If you are not really applying your moisturizer inside one or two minutes after cleansing, you are not just applying it at the right time. Your skin can right away get dehydrated after cleansing. So, it is actually imperative to apply moisturizer right there and then, as it is still moist. In case you apply moisturizer right away, it will remove that dry, tight feeling you might get after washing your face or after the shower.

Don’t be so harsh with your rubbing 

You could think that in order to see the impacts of a certain skin-care product, you need to really, really rubbing it therein. It actually is not really true. As per some professionals, rubbing can actually annoy your skin, and you must always use light, mild upward strokes when applying products on your face and neck. It makes a good difference.

Never over exfoliate 

Exfoliating is a crucial step in any skin-care routine as it assists in getting rid of dead skin cells and making way for healthier ones to take their place. It is said that many people take it way too far. If you use any scrub on face, you must only do it a maximum of three times per week, and make sure that you stay gentle while doing so.


To sum up,  you should get a vegan SPF moisturizer first of all and secondly ensure that you keep all these points in mind to avoid all the mistakes.


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