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Chrome Door Numbers – Adding a Personal Touch!

Chrome Door Numbers

There are many ways you can use Chrome Door Numbers. The lettering could be used to display the front door when it is a front-hinge or side-hinge mailbox. Or you can use the lettering to identify a particular room in your house, such as the foyer or pantry.

The actual lettering could also be used to compliment your other modern or rustic furnishings. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. Polished front door numbers are popular for homes that are modern or contemporary in style.

These come with a satin finish, single or double chrome lettering, and a raised border. They are ideal for a large front door and look very nice.

However, they don’t look right if the number has a small reverse or accent. Also, polished polished door numbers will not match large Stainless door numbers painted on wood.

Create an Extra Special Look in your House

Polished postt box numbers also look good on large panel doors. Double-tone chrome door numbers are another way to use decorative lettering to compliment your large adhesive door numbers.

They are available in single and double tones, and the letters may be raised or flat. This type of chrome door numbers will create an extra special look in your house if you use a large single tone or dramatic accent paint in your house’s main room.

If you have a rustic style house, then the flat finish or raised border may give a rustic feeling to your home as well. The choice between the single tone or the double-tone finish depends on your individual taste.
Different Types of Metal.

If you have an old country home with lots of handcrafted details, then brass or brushed chrome door numbers will suit your home perfectly. Polished chrome door numbers also look great in older homes with more wood details.

Brushed chrome door numbers are available in a wide variety of finishes and can be made from many different types of metal. For example, you can get them that are made from brushed nickel, antique bronze, brushed nickel, or even wrought iron.

Wrought iron is also popular, and it gives the brass or brushed chrome door numbers a realistic feel. There are also chrome door numbers that are plated in gold.

They are not as common, but they make a dramatic statement in any home. There are chrome house numbers that have beautiful gold accents on both sides of the lettering.

Traditional Styles of Homes


They will look great in most traditional looking homes, and they fit well with the traditional look of a white front door. Polished door numbers are available in large  door numbers that are brushed or stamped with large gold accents, and this style will work well with many traditional styles of homes.

In addition to  door numbers that are stamped or brushed, there are  door numbers that are hand painted. Painted  door numbers are very nice, because they will go with just about any type of home.

You can find these painted numbers in styles that are modern, contemporary, southwestern, old-world, and many other styles. Polished door numbers also look great painted, and you can choose to get them in matte finish chrome or have them lined and finished with gold or silver.

Addition to Your Front Entry Way


If you have an Asian-inspired home, or if you just love Japanese-style elements in your home, you can personalize your front door number’s design with intricate detailing. Japanese-style calligraphy makes an excellent addition to your front door numbers.

This will add a touch of traditional Asian culture to your front entryway. Some styles of Japanese calligraphy are very detailed and require a lot of skill to read and understand.

Other styles are less elaborate but will still make an outstanding addition to your front entryway. Polished door numbers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors.

Large door numbers come in several different sizes, depending on what style of door you are using, and what your tastes are. Chrome is a durable, high-quality material that can be painted to match your existing home hardware.

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