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Reference and Education

Children Read More Complex Books in Lockdown, a Study Reveals

Children Read More Complex Books in Lockdown. A Study Reveals “Unbelievable” and “unprecedented” are the words we seem to be reaching for most. When describing the year 2020, thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, of course. It was a year when things stop making sense for us! Like who would have thought that school and colleges will be shut for an entire year? Or that a small piece of cloth around our mouth (facemask) would become essential for our survival?

Agree or not, lockdown – children study in lockdown because a preventive measure enforced by governments to prevent the virus from spreading– changed the way we look at the world. While it might feel like the longest time for some. The time spent in the lockdown turned out to be productive and rejuvenating for others, such as children.

According to new research mentioned by essay writers UK, children study in lockdown reading complex books with a high level of difficulty during the lockdown and highlighted that reading activity has helped them combat the feelings of loneliness and sadness during their time in isolation from the outside world.

Renaissance Learning, an organization that examines and monitors reading behaviors of over a million students in countries such as Ireland and the UK. Published a report that says children has started reading more during the lockdown and school closures. Earlier, the organization reported that the reading habits among children decreased up to 17% last year. The recent data indicated that the types of books read by children during lockdown were more complicated and difficult in nature.

Children started reading long and complex books during. Their time in isolation periods last year and reported that reading activity is what actually made. Them feel relaxed and better while isolated from the outside world, according to new research.

Keith Topping, the author of this research, said that students were more inclined towards reading long books with complex comprehension and words during the lockdown. This is maybe because lockdown gave them more time to indulge in books outside of their textbooks. Encouraging them to read more.


The study also consisted of the latest data assembled by the “National Literacy Trust (NLT)”. After assessing responses from over 58,000 students belonging to age group 9-18, researchers found that about 47.8% of students reported. That they loved reading during their time in lookdown. While 55.9% reported that their reading habits vary from extensively to occasionally.

As per this survey, three in five children reported that reading helped them cope with isolation in lockdown and made them feel better when they felt sad about not being able to be around their loved ones.

In 2020, Dr. Christina Clark and Irene Picton, in the report, mentioned that the percentage of student who loves to read had been the lowest since 2005. They asked concerning institutions to intervene and handle such a sad situation. But after the pandemic hit and led to the first wave of school closures, the percentage went drastically up!


According to the NLT’s research, three out of five children said reading made them happier and relaxed during the lockdown. While 32% said reading had helped them when they felt down and detached from their friends or family.


The reason being that excessive time during lockdown encouraged children to choose reading books of their own choice and not just for the sake of assignments or homework, eventually leading them to immerse in the stories of these books.


Have you noticed any change in your reading habits during a lockdown? Let us know in the comment section below.

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