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Can Your Clients Trust You and Your Team?


It is very important for any company to make sure that their clients trust them and their team in terms of your work and dedication. london It’s 2018, so it should not surprise us that company culture is vital. However, treating employees well does more than creating a healthy and functioning company. It creates a culture where customers receive superior service.

Richard Branson can be a role model. Branson founded Virgin Airlines with the motto: “Look after the staff. The rest will follow.” Starbucks followed his lead and announced that it used some of its tax savings in January to increase the benefits and pay for its employees.

These companies make investments in their employees to ensure happy employees and happier customers. They make sure that their customers trust their words.

Why should customers and clients care? It’s easy: Account managers and service reps who are well treated, motivated, and compensated are more likely to provide better service than their unhappy counterparts. Prioritizing company culture means prioritizing customer care.

Superior service, better culture

Elite SEM is proud of our culture. We have a brand promise. If we change an account manager, our client has the right to refuse to pay us if the new account manager is not equal or better than the old contact.

While it may seem bold, we know that employees are satisfied and, as a National Business Research Institute study suggests, happy employees, make for satisfied customers. The agency’s growth to over 200 people is possible because we have focused on creating lives and great people. Without client satisfaction, it wouldn’t be possible.

The benefits of prioritizing your team are not only obvious to us. West Corporation, a global communications firm, has a Customer experience management model that found that stable teams can train the company. It reduces mistakes, gives employees ownership, and leads to better products. Customers also see the value.

Build a happy and transparent team

Stable employees result in businesses that can attract new clients and renew existing businesses. Those are all factors that can have positive effects on your business and your trust in your team. Your company should respond promptly to clients’ issues on social media — American Express does this on Twitter, for example — and remember long-term clients’ milestones. Build a trusted team that clients can trust to take care of it. Here’s how you can get started.

Consider no question too big or too small.

Seek out opinions from employees on both high- and lower-level issues. keyposting Every employee is unique trustable and has valuable insight. To keep everyone informed, we use tools such as TINYpulse or CultureIQ. The most important aspect of this feedback loop is the ability to take action on it.

JT Marino, co-founder of Tuft & Needle has made employee feedback and one-on-1s a way of living. It is not a coincidence that his company took the No. The No.1 spot on the lists highlighting top company cultures is not coincidental. Marino describes Tuft & Needle’s culture as “culturally flat,” and insists on giving all employees the chance to express themselves.

He conducted 50 one after other sessions last year to fix common issues across the company in just two short months. Marino calls that semi-marathon “one the most valuable things” he has done at the company.

Get more retention by offering tailored perks.

Once an employee suggested that we help student debt repayments. Instead of dismissing the suggestion, I trusted them and thanked the employee, and explained our benefits roadmap. There was potential to help student debt once the company had gained 100 more employees.

All companies should offer standard benefits. If possible, customize perks and benefits for employees. It turns out that employees are open to this type of benefits shift. MetLife conducted a benefits study in 2016 and found that 70% of respondents would be more loyal if they offer personalized benefits.

Treat employees like owners.

Employees who care most feel invested. Each employee has equity in the company. As such, they act like “intrapreneurs,” employees who think like entrepreneurs. The company gives employees ownership, which encourages them to provide great service to clients. This ownership gives employees the freedom and flexibility to choose the lifestyle that best suits them, which in turn makes them more attractive to clients.

Mental Health America’s 2017 Mental Health Survey found that 75 percent of employees said their workplaces were open and welcoming. 69% also reported opportunities to learn, while 52 percent claimed they had flexible work options.

Every business leader must recognize that company culture not only concerns HR. Culture impacts the work done by employees, the services provided to customers, and the overall client relationship. event.ft Prioritizing customers and employees are what makes it easy to prioritize employees. These are the three steps you need to take to create a company culture that keeps customers coming back.

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