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Can A Car Battery Power An Air Conditioner?

A car battery is one of the strongest batteries to run a transport vehicle for years, according to the quality. However, the simple answer is no. The car battery will affirmatively drain out quicker as air conditioning will pick the amperes up. You can recharge car air conditioning, but a household AC cannot run on a battery and charge up that quick.

A Detail on Why the Answer is No

One of the basics to understand when you are searching for battery or electricity options is to know that there are specific and limited volts in the battery. Air conditioners require watts, volts, amps and there are converters or inverters to attach even a battery at the most but it will drain completely. The AC shall run or pick amps no more than 10 minutes even with an attached invertor. The battery will go to waste without even powering up the AC properly. This can affect your AC as well if you try, as they require a rush of limited and bearable current, in case it is very low or extremely high, the air conditioning busts. 

Car Battery and Air Conditioning Requirement.

The air conditions we use in our homes have a staggering demand of current that a car battery will not be able to fulfill. The AC running in your car is somewhat different from a household AC. It takes up a small number of volts from the battery and runs all right if the battery is brand new. In case if the car battery is weak or low, the air conditioning can negatively respond to that. The voltage the weak car battery will offer is smaller in amount to run a heavy AC. However, it can run a car for a period, but not satisfy the voltage levels for an AC. The AC compressor needs a rush of volts to trigger itself and start cooling or heating. It would be too much of a burden for a weak battery to an AC. 

You might have had a problem with your car AC when you rev your engine to some height upwards a hill or a road that is steep after some drive. This is because AC as a whole takes up too much power from the car’s battery. Let alone if you want to power up your household AC which is perhaps 6 times the size of a car AC. It takes up all the power from the battery and even that is not enough for it to function for a longer period. It may still be too weak to run your car’s air conditioning. 

Experimental Base Questions and Conclusion

So, you might want to check the whole charge process after consulting with an engineer. As there are questions about the battery, the AC mechanism, capacity, and capability. Even a short answer to these is batteries are plain storage devices that you cannot rely on for so long with heavy machinery to power. This was all about car batteries and powering ACs.


Kyle Jarvis is a promoter at Midland Autocare, UK. His exceptional communication and persuasive skills augment his role in the field of professional marketing. He commits to creating long-lasting relationships with clients.

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