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Buying A Lob Wedge — Factors To Consider

Lob Wedge

Whether or not you are someone who plays golf often or you are just starting out, you will most likely already know that there is one shot you are definitely going to have to work hard to master, the high, soft lob wedge from a distance of about 60 yards. Ask any expert and he will tell you those are the shots you definitely will have to take some time to get the hang of. And, the art of getting the hang of these types of shots includes knowing how to hold the club correctly, keeping your hands level with or ahead of the ball, and accelerating the iron through connection with the ball.

Buying A Lob Wedge

There will be times in your golfing game that you will find yourself facing shots that seem impossible, especially if you are newer to the game. These shots happen when you need to make a shot that carries the ball over water hazards, bunkers, or those sometimes frustratingly difficult pin positions. Most golfers would tell you that you could make use of a sand wedge, but if you want the challenge, gaining master control of a lob wedge will give you the high air, spin, and control you really want.

Lob wedges come in lofts, or clubface angles, ranging from 58 to 61 degrees. There are, however, some steeper angles available ranging from 61 to 65 degrees that would do better in the hands of a golfer who is already familiar with and comfortable with the shots required when using this wedge.

For an experienced golfer, the lob wedge is able to add a nice element to a short game, but if you are looking for your first iron of this kind, be aware of a few things before you make your purchase. Anyone inexperienced with this wedge should purchase in the lower range of angled wedges, no more than 60 degrees, with 58 being even more user-friendly while learning the rope of taking the shots that call for this type of wedge. Remember, as the degree increases, the level of expertise required to master the lob wedge shot will also increase.

Another thing to consider before making your purchase is to determine how much bounce angle you want on your iron. Bounce angles rise from around 8 up to 13 degrees. The higher the number, the higher the bounce angle is, the easier it will be for you to use the club while avoiding dragging too much of the course green away with your shot. Many experts agree that an angle of 10 to 12 degrees is optimal.

As you play often and practice with the lob wedge, the skill you build to handle the shots that prompt you to pull out that particular club will leave you feeling much more confident as a golfer. As your expertise increases and you move up on the angle of your lob wedge, the skill and ease you see in others will become second nature to you, as well. Just remember that as in anything you have to start somewhere.

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