Boat Stone Brixx Unboxing & Review

Topic:Boat Stone Brixx Unboxing & Review

Boat Stone Brixx in the speaker you can find different kinds of colors in the link in the description the first link you can check out the pricing of the speaker. It also so as you are talking about the build quality. The build quality is just damn awesome and it is the best bluetooth speaker at a price range. This is a Boat Stone product so you get a superb build quality.

The design is pretty retro-looking as you can see over here you get this great finish onto the speaker and the best part about the design is the portability. This is a very portable speaker. The weight of this device is also light like its super lightweight speaker but this speaker feels very high quality being a lightweight speaker.

And the great part about this and the great part about this speaker is the feature list this is a watt speaker you get lots of connectivity options like you to get Bluetooth on the speaker. you hear the Oxford you get an SD card slot on the speaker and with operator aux cable also aside from the box which   We have already seen in the unboxing part so the speaker is having Bluetooth connectivity. And you can shift to different kinds of modes like FM mode and I’ve shown you different connectivity options.

The great part is the battery backup the battery is 1800 m8 which gives you about the playtime of about 7 hours. It’s super for seven hours and this is a 20 acre. so it might go to 6 hours also as per the volume but I have tried it at full volume it was 7 us and you get a microphone also on this because we can pick up calls from the speaker that is a great part of this price point it’s superb.

Sound and bass quality:
The conclusion that the sound from the speaker is damn good like when we talk about clarity. It’s super clear it’s a board product at the end of the day. You will get great quality products from this brand. This batch speaks a lot about itself so the quality of the sound is damn good everything is just so pop sound quality loudness-wise. It’s very loud for an 808 speaker it sounds like a 10-watt speaker.

Now I’m going to do a comparison of this speaker with the Hound room because that’s its biggest competitor at that price. When it’s it costs more than the sound room but still, that’s the bigger competitor. Now in the market of this speaker so the sound clarity is damn good loudness right it’s loudness wise. It is super loud it sounds like a 10 watt or her 12-watt speaker. It’s that loud the base on the speaker is banging like you just saw the camera was shaking.

SO Conclusion:

It was that banging the base is superb the features are awesome the design, the build quality. It’s damn good this speaker is superb in my opinion at this price point and it’s worth every penny. So friend’s thank you for read this is it for now this is the unboxing and you of the Boat Stone Brixx Unboxing & reviews thank you.

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