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Blogging: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Blogging As A Marketing Tool

Blogging is an underestimated platform. You won’t believe how powerful it is when it comes to generating organic traffic to your website. Well, it’s not your fault. As blogging was only used as a personal diary in the past. Where people would only share their point of view on some topic or write about themselves. But now it has become something much more.

Now not only it’s considered an inexpensive marketing tool by experienced marketers. You can also earn from home online through it. But now you are thinking how is all this possible? Well, in the past if someone were to say a thing like this people might even have laughed at the person who said it. But now it’s completely different. Bloggers with their creating content can not only create a stable income funnel but also drive valuable traffic to your site. But how?

Well for earning their main source would be ads that they show on their blog pages. Their’s also sites like Medium, Vocal, etc. which pay depending on the reads and the number of blogs that you have written. As for generating traffic, you won’t believe how much traffic an experienced blogger can bring with his or her creative content. But how is this relevant to your brand?

Organic Traffic

The traffic that is brought by blogs is mainly organic traffic. Cause you are not bribing people to visit our site. You are just writing content that is capable of piquing their interest and making them come to read it and stay on the site during that period. If the blog is from your domain then you can easily guess that the more people visit it the more noticeable will it be to the search engines. And besides search engines give much value to organic traffic rather than paid ones.

Increase In Authority

Blogs can be used to showcase how much knowledge you have in a particular field. This is a gateway to stable your footing on the field that your business is based upon. Cause no one wants an inexperienced leader to lead them. So showcasing your expertise will result in a dramatic increase in authority among the other brands in the same field.

Great Source Of Advertisement

Nowadays people try to advertise their business using short videos or sponsor influencers to talk a little about their business. But in these cases, they aren’t able to give a full explanation of your services as it would take up a lot of time and space. But in blogs, that’s not the case. You can easily explain the full usage of your site if you write in such a way that the reader is eager to read it and begin to grow interested in your site.

Increase In Trust

People tend to trust written logical content. If the contents of your blog are practical and relevant to the reader’s needs then it will result in an increase of trust in your writing and also the topic that you are writing about. You get where I am going this right? In other words, advertising your site through a blog with the real face would not only grow traffic but also will increase the trust between you and your visitors.

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