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Best treatment options for Head and Neck Cancer at Kokilaben Hospital

Cancer in the head and neck area is an infrequent occurrence. Yet, many people are diagnosed with head or neck cancer. These organs are made up of tissues and muscles. But, cancer also includes the throat, lips, mouth, nose, and other salivary glands. Neck cancer initiates from the squamous cells and increases up to the brain. An oncologist is a health expert in treating all kinds of cancer conditions. It is pretty challenging to get the right surgery for head and neck cancer. Besides, Credihealth allows you to get complete treatment at Kokilaben Hospital.
Generally, an oncologist team up with a reconstructive surgeon, anesthesiologist, and superior nurses. The surgery may last for more than 24 hours. But, it depends upon the severity of cancer.
Diagnosis Procedure
The doctors at Kokilaben Hospital will proceed from the consultation. Once you reveal the signs and symptoms of cancer, then the doctor will suggest a complete physical examination. Following are the diagnosis procedure you can expect:
1. Primary stage: The doctor will interrogate for the medical history and may ask for any side effects or allergy problems. It helps the doctor to design a treatment plan. A treatment plan which has a high successful recovery rate.
2. Secondary examination: You may have to run various tests to know more about neck and head cancer. The diagnostic tests include endoscopy, lab tests, radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, and blood tests. First, it will reveal internal damage caused due to the cancerous cells. Next, the doctor will examine the tissues under the microscope.
3. Final examination: When it is confirmed that you have cancer, the doctor will design a treatment plan. In advanced diagnosis, the doctor will determine whether the patient needs drug therapy or surgery.
Treatment Options for Head and Neck Cancer
Science has advanced so much that there are various ways of treating cancer. The doctors either treat cancer through therapies or surgeries. An oncologist is a doctor who performs the surgery. Following are the treatment you can expect:
  • Medicines have the power to kill and heal cancerous cells. So the doctor will prescribe certain medicines which help in killing the cells. Also, the expert will suggest medications for boosting your immunity.
  • Besides, antibiotics, antacids, and multivitamins help boost the healing process. Pain relief medicines are also helpful. During the treatment, the doctor will provide targeted drug therapy to target the cause of cancer.
  • Surgeries are the best option to treat any type of cancer. But, it may have many complications and side effects. Yet, an experienced surgeon will perform the surgery without any medical intervention.
  • The doctor will remove the diseased tissue and treat the organs which are damaged due to cancer. Then, the removed tissues will be forwarded to examination in the pathological laboratory. Besides, the expert will team up with a physiotherapist, a dental surgeon, and a medical counselor.
  • The experts will examine speech, swallowing, cosmesis, and other problems. The surgery can be awake stage or in an anesthetic problem. An essential parameter of treating cancer is killing the growth and destroying the tissues.
  • Chemotherapy: This therapy targets cancerous cells through drugs. It may cause side effects, but they are recoverable. But, chemotherapy helps majorly in treating cancer.
  • Hormone therapy: It happens that a human body has an imbalance of hormones. Especially in women, cancer hampers the hormones severely. Thus, hormone therapy helps in creating a subtle balance in the body.
  • Immunotherapy: The doctor will provide immune-boosting drugs to increase the strength and power in the body. It helps your immune system to fight against cancer treatment. Immunotherapy is mainly provided to malnourished patients.
  • Radiation therapy: This therapy uses to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Oncologists highly use it to treat cancer. It may cause side effects, but the doctor will provide proper medication which helps in recovery.
  • Drug therapy: In this therapy, the doctor will target cancer through medicines. The cancer is treated through medications and targeted drug therapy. It helps in working against cancer.
The technology used for treating the cancer
Technologies help in the treatment and have a more successive rate. Following are the technologies available at Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai:
  • Brachyvision: It is a 3D planning system that is used for image-guided brachytherapy. This technology uses 3D data sets such as CT, MR, and PET scans.
  • CT scanner and PET CT: It helps in identifying the cause of the tumor in a volume. This technology helps in delivering precise information about cancer.
  • Trilogy: The trilogy has CT scan, K V, and MV imaging all in one system. This technology helps in detecting the location of the tumor in the organ.
  • Gammamed Plus: The technology helps in delivering the dose to the tumor without any medical intervention.
Head and neck cancer is not revealed in the beginning. But, it might show symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, breathing problem, and triggering pain in the neck. Once you feel that you have primary symptoms, then seek immediate medical help. Kokilaben Hospital is well equipped with modern technology and doctors to treat cancer. Various ways can treat cancer. Yet, it is important not to avoid the warning signs in the beginning.
Remember, proper treatment at the right time can reduce the risk of cancer. Too, various supporting groups help the patients get mental support.
How Credihealth helps you-
Cancer can be dangerous, especially head and neck cancer. The head and neck consist of tissues and muscles. Thus, Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai provides treatment under one roof. There is no right time for the treatment; only when you take treatment in the primary stage. Credihealth allows you to get complete cancer treatment from the practitioners at the hospital. Our medical experts will guide you through medical assistance.

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