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Best Things About Buy Boxing Equipment

Best Things About Buy Boxing Equipment

In the particular hall, you will get a crew of expert instructors, all the required equipment for boxing training. For everyone who does not have their costumes, for the first time, we present out everything you need to Buy Boxing Equipment for boxing, Thai boxing, MMA mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and Crossfit: boxing gloves helmets, jump ropes, bandages, etc.


You can choose any of our boxing halls. You can see photos of our gyms, pieces of training, and competitions of our athletes in the “Photos of our gyms” section. We invite you to visit the first FREE TRAINING at the “Drummer” boxing club. We offer you a unique methodology for training boxers, proven over the years, which will allow you to achieve success, both in boxing technique and in general physical terms, to improve the skills of mastering your body and your emotions. Buy Boxing Equipment is a challenging sport. It requires endurance and physical strength from an athlete, excellent reaction, concentration, coordination, and volitional qualities. Boxing skills turn out to be very useful in difficult extreme situations when it is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. In addition, self-confidence affects behavior, reducing the possibility of rash acts and exacerbation of conflict situations.

Thai boxing and kickboxing

Thai boxing training is held in groups for beginners and experienced fighters. In addition, there are groups for children, as well as individual Thai boxing training. Unique training methods fully develop the striking technique of Buy Boxing Equipmentboth arms, and legs. In addition to general physical exercises, athletes regularly conduct complex stretching training. Regular kickboxing training forms a powerful, exceptional style in a fighter. Combining combinations of kicks and punches, the athlete gains universal self-defense skills.

MMA mixed martial arts in our club

The most diverse and exciting fighting style today is MMA mixed martial arts. MMA training takes place in a very diverse mode. Athletes master all the subtleties of several types of martial arts, gradually combining different techniques. The coaching staff pays attention to each fighter, comprehensively developing both his strengths and paying attention to the styles of martial arts that this or that athlete has still encountered.

Functional CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit is one of the most popular fitness programs in the world, and for a good reason. CrossFit workouts combine full-body, classic gymnastics, sprint running, and weightlifting to create outstanding physical ability (regardless of your current fitness level). In the halls of the “Drummer” club, training takes place in the style of Crossfit. Unique methods developed by experienced trainers are carried out for athletes of different activity levels, from beginners to Buy Boxing Equipment masters of sports. In addition, the programs are specially selected for fighters of different styles and beginners.

Boxing is not gymnastics.

Boxing is a challenging, contact sport. The fastest way to learn boxing skills is when working in pairs and with a trainer on the paws. You need to understand that when you come to boxing training and want to learn something, you need to be ready for the punches you missed. Everyone can wear protective equipment to minimize injury. The boxing helmet significantly reduces the force of impact and almost completely prevents the possibility of bruising and scratching.

How are training sessions in our boxing and mixed martial arts sections MMA

“Drummer” conducts training according to different programs. There are programs for beginners, for dischargers, and group programs with individual work with a trainer. Most of the workout takes place in anaerobic mode, so our exercises are ideal for improving physical fitness, developing endurance and talent, and helping to lose extra pounds.

Training program

We conduct group lessons for children and adolescents from 7 to 16 years old. Our trainers have extensive experience in working with children’s groups. As a result, your child will become more enduring, physically developed, and master the Buy Boxing Equipment boxing technique with regular visits. Training sparring (when the student reaches a certain level) is carried out exclusively in protective helmets, which prevents injuries and bruises. Boxing training in Moscow for children and teenagers is held in each of our boxing halls. The schedule of children’s and teenage movement pieces in each gym can be found in the Schedule section.

Boxing section for beginner adults

Our task in the shortest possible time is to teach a beginner all the skills of boxing technique. That is why, in group boxing classes, the trainer pays attention to each trainee, pointing out mistakes and mistakes. Our boxing section also works for beginner adults (18-60 years old). The coach makes an individual training program for everyone in the group, depending on the age and level of training.

For those who want to be successful in sports

A unique program has been developed to prepare for the competition for those who want to perform and win battles. The club’s athletes are regularly allowed to Boxing Chest Guard participate in tournaments of various levels. If you desire to try your hand at the ring for the first time, to feel the adrenaline rush during a fight, then the trainers of the “Drummer” club will prepare you for the first competition as soon as possible (3-6 months).


Various sports events are constantly held in our club. For example, every year, we, together with athletes from other boxing, MMA, muay Thai sections, go to the summer training camp in Crimea. Participation in this training is free for everyone.

What do you need in your first training session?

For training, you will need a comfortable sports uniform and shoes. For those who are going to start working in pairs, a mouthguard is required. In addition, all boxing club members are provided with all the necessary boxing equipment to Buy Boxing Equipment, namely fighting gloves, gloves for working on shells, bandages, jump ropes, etc. Finally, and most importantly, you will need a desire to improve and achieve your goal, whether sports achievements or just maintaining suitable physical forms.


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