Best Rakhi Surprise Ideas To Make Your Pyaari Behen Smile

The purest relationship is shared by siblings! They tease you, make you mad and drive you to the verge of violence sometimes, but they are also the ones who always support you no matter what, and you know that they will remain loyal to you forever. There is an equally wonderful day dedicated to the Indian culture to celebrate such a beautiful bond. Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about Raksha Bandhan. A day set aside just for the siblings and the love they share. 

Best Rakhi Surprise Ideas To Make Your Pyaari Behen Smile

As you are already aware of how the celebration of Raksha Bandhan takes place, we will not get into the details; however, we will ask you a straightforward question? What are you planning on getting your sweet-sweet sister this time, as you must be looking for Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister? A box of chocolates? Nah! Too cliched. This Rakhi, you need to do something amazingly unique to surprise your cute sis like never before! If you are out of ideas, do not worry; we are here with the ultimate list of best Rakhi surprise ideas.

Plan a Trip Together

Friends trips are fantastic, and family trips are excellent but going on a trip with your sibling is fulfilling at another level. Sure, you both grew up together, but once you get time with each other alone, you get to the person all over again! So this time, do some spy work to figure out which destinations are on her list and take her to the places she always wanted to go. If you can not plan a long trip, that’s fine! The point is to spend some quality time with her, even if it’s just for a day! 

Take Her on a Shopping Spree

It may sound like a stereotype, but mostly women love shopping! As you have lived your whole life with her, then you must know what she likes more than anything. So take her out on a shopping spree, and let her buy anything she wants. You can inform her about the budget you have, and she can plan her expenditure. 

Smart gadgets

In this tech era, smart gadgets are a perfect pick to surprise loved ones on all special occasions. Let your bhaiya and bhabhi know how much they mean to you whenever they use the practical and essential items. Some of the most popular gadgets to consider for the Raksha Bandhan surprise are smartphones, smartwatches, noise-canceling headphones & ear pods, and Bluetooth speakers.

Sweet treats

Treating loved ones with sweet treats is a tradition to welcome them with love and happiness! So, treat your sweet tooth bhaiya and bhabhi on Raksha Bandhan with lip-smacking traditional Indian sweets. Some of the most popular treats to include are Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Kaju Katli, Laddu, and Burfi, to name a few.

Gym kits

Are they into fitness and staying in shape? Show your bhaiya and bhabhi love and appreciation on Raksha Bandhan with gym kits. Some of the essentials for the gym are duffle bags, protein shakers & water bottles, smartwatches, sneakers, and couple of t-shirts, to name a few.

Cook Something Special For Her

Cooking is a talent not everyone can master, but you always get cookie points for trying from those who love eating. If your sister is a foodie, then this Raksha Bandhan, while looking for a perfect gift at an online rakhi store, don’t forget to order groceries. Get in the kitchen, and make your sister her favorite dish ever! Nothing can beat the presence of hard work and efforts that you put in for your lovely sister. Even if you are not a wizard in the kitchen, do not let a minor detail get into the way of you making her smile like never before!

Fresh & dry fruits combo

When it comes to fruits – An apple a day surely keeps the doctor away. The statement is backed by doctors and medical practitioners encouraging us to add fruits to our diet—express love and best wishes to your bhaiya and bhabhi with fresh and dry fruits combo. You can include fruit items such as grapes, bananas, apples, cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachios.

Make A Special DIY Box Full of Gifts

We know that over the years, you must have given a ton of gifts to your sister, but sometimes, one gift is just not enough. To give her an amazing surprise, make an awesome DIY box full of unique gifts. You can opt for any type of gift you want, from dresses to makeup, to gadgets to personalized gifts. There’s space for every kind of present in the box. To make it even more special, place a creative greeting card with a heartfelt message written by you on top of the gifts before you close the box and wrap it beautifully before giving it to her; trust us, beautifully warped gifts are loved by all!


Chocolates are quite an irresistible delicacy! There is something for everyone, with a wide variety of flavors, designs, and brands. Some of the most popular chocolates are Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Kit Kat, and Kisses. Make Raksha Bandhan a cherishable occasion with chocolates in personalized wrapping paper. You can opt to have the paper personalized with names/initials, photos, and theme designs.

A New Phone With Your Picture on The Wallpaper

No matter how good your current phone is, everyone loves getting a new phone. Now, it may not be an original surprise, but it’s a great one! Get your sister a phone she wants but with a twist, put your picture as the screensaver on it and put the condition that she can not change it for a month. This can be a sweet little prank, and you can go with any picture you like. It can be yours, or it can be of something or someone she’s particularly not fond of. And if jocking is not on your list, then you can just make it a sweet gift by putting a picture of you two together on the gadget.

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