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Best Maintenance Practices for your Hyundai Car Longevity

For many Indians, a car is more than a machine. In Indian families, cars play a significant role. As A Customer, You Must Ensure You Take Care of the Periodic Maintenance Service in Order to Have a Wonderful Ownership Experience with Your Hyundai Car. How well you take care of and maintain your car will really determine how long it lasts. So how frequently does your Hyundai vehicle require periodic maintenance? What to Expect When Visiting a PPS Hyundai Authorized Service Center for Service? Here, we have made an effort to address these issues. Find Out by reading on.

Hyundai vehicles are specifically designed for their valued customers at the center of every step. By enhancing the quality of spare parts, the company has been working to extend the life of its products. It is crucial for a customer to understand when their Hyundai car needs routine maintenance.

What is PeriodicMaintenance Service of Hyundai Car?

A routine Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) may keep your car in peak condition and help you foresee major repairs or issues that might prevent your car from starting. With PMS, we can guarantee that your car will run more securely and that it will be more environmentally friendly.

What are the three types of maintenance?

The Three Types of Maintenance are

Corrective Maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance.

What is the best type of maintenance& What kind of upkeep is ideal?

At least in terms of industry buzz, preventive maintenance is perhaps the most well-liked maintenance management method. When unreliable equipment lowers output quality and unscheduled servicing drives up expenses, it’s probably time to think about implementing a preventative maintenance program. With PPS Hyundai Service in Kochi, you can be assured of getting a smooth and hassle-free service experience for your Hyundai Vehicle.

How many services are free in Hyundai?

For the first three services, Hyundai provides complimentary maintenance. After 1,500 km, 10,000 km, and 20,000 km, respectively, the first service, second, and third services should be performed. This includes a car wash and a free vehicle inspection.

Which type of maintenance is most effective?

Routine maintenance, also known as periodic maintenance, is the best car care. It is routinely carried out on a piece of equipment to reduce the possibility that it will break down. It is done while the machinery is still functional to prevent an unplanned breakdown. Given that we must adhere to a specific pattern, it has proved to be very effective maintenance.

At PPS Hyundai Service Center, we advise having a periodic maintenance service performed on your vehicle every 10,000 kilometers or once a year, whichever comes first. Here’s How Regular Service at PPS Hyundai Can Benefit You.

Boosts Your Hyundai Car’s Life Expectancy

A number of mechanical and electrical components make up your car, some of which are in motion and are therefore subject to mechanical stress and strain. In order to ensure the car has a long life, it must be periodically checked and the necessary precautions must be taken.

Avoids Sudden Vehicle Breakdown

Hyundai’s reputation for dependability is well-known, and in order to elevate it, you must make sure that you have your car serviced. Our experts perform performance checks on various parts during your visit to PPS HyundaiServiceCenter and take any necessary action. This Aids in Preventing Unexpected Failure.

Enhances Your Ownership Experience

Hyundai Cars are well-known for their Performance, Comfort, And Convenience. Regular maintenance visits elevate your Hyundai car ownership experience by ensuring improved drivability and smooth functionality. As a result, we help you feel good about driving a Hyundai.

Increases Your Car’s Value

When Hyundai vehicles are put up for sale on the used car market, cars that have been well-maintained sell for more money than those that have not. Hence you really need to make sure that your Hyundai Car is serviced within the span of 10,000 kilometers or once a year, whichever comes first. PPS Hyundai Car Showrooms in Kochi offers incredible value-added service packages which help with the efficient running of your car and are also cost-effective.

Activities During Periodic Maintenance – What Really Happens? 

Our service advisor collects your basic information when your car is brought to the PPS Hyundai service center and makes a few key notes about your maintenance visit, such as the date of the most recent service, the distance traveled since the most recent service, and so on. Then, we perform a basic inspection of the electrical components, such as the headlights, taillights, turn indicators, horns, and so forth. If you have any complaints, we also take note of them and, if necessary, do a test drive. You are given a service cost estimate, and our service advisor will stay in touch with you to update you if any additional replacements are necessary.

The following are a few of the most crucial components that are examined during routine maintenance visits. There may be a lot more items to check off the list. However, the details provided here should give you a good idea of your visit. 

Oil Filter and Engine Oil

One of the most crucial fluids for your car’s smooth operation is engine oil. Your car’s engine is where the fuel is burned and the energy that powers it is created. Within the engine, a number of components are constantly moving. Engine oil is, therefore, necessary to reduce friction between moving parts. The component that continuously filters engine oil is called an oil filter. During the routine maintenance visit, the filter and the level of engine oil are both checked.

Air Filter 

The component known as an air filter is what cleans the air that enters an engine. The engine needs air to burn the fuel. As part of the routine during the periodic maintenance visit, air filters are also checked.

Braking System 

The braking system of every automobile is crucial. Your car’s brake pads may need to be checked for wear and tear. Replacement of the brake pads or shoes is advised if necessary.


Another critical component of your car is the battery. You need to turn on your engine. It gives the motor that turns the engine power. Additionally, the battery powers the audio system, indicators, headlights, and other electronic devices. To make sure that your car continues to run, it is crucial to check the battery.

Wheel Alignment 

The wheels of a car tend to become misaligned over time when it is driven over long distances on various types of roads. This may result in a number of issues that affect driving comfort and safety. Wheel alignment is one of the suggestions made by auto mechanics during routine maintenance, more so in India due to the bumpy state of the roads.

Is Hyundai expensive to maintain?

Hyundai’s don’t require a lot of maintenance. Owners spend a very affordable amount per year on repairs and maintenance of their Hyundai Car, according to Repair Pal, which places the brand in the fourth position overall. PPS Hyundai is one of the Best Hyundai Showroom in Kochi. They also offer end-to-end car care services for Hyundai Vehicles at PPS Hyundai service centres in Kochi. With PPS Hyundai you can be at complete peace of mind as they also provide suggestions to customers for smooth and efficient functioning and health of your Hyundai Vehicle.


We hope that by this post we were able to convey the importance of periodic maintenance for your Hyundai Vehicle. The Periodic Maintenance Service for Your Car Is Just a Click Away with PPS Hyundai. Simply get in touch with our team, and a service representative will show up at your door to pick up your car. Why Wait? Schedule A Service Appointment at PPSHyundai Today!!

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