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Best Free Link in Bio app for Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is not only an online platform to share your daily activities, but it is it’s also a great platform for marketers and designers to showcase their goods and services and their content. In addition to Stories one of the most useful features Instagram offers its users is the option to add a link to the bio page of the user.

The issue is that you only include a single link in bio app . Every creator and marketer needs to exchange links every when they begin an entirely new campaign for their latest content or products. If you’re among those, the only thing you need to do is to use bio tools to maximize that single link that you own.

Here are the top free links in bio tools to use on Instagram:


LinkSocio is an industry-leading tool that allows you to include a Link in the bio of Instagram as well as other social platforms. It was specifically created to meet the needs of everyone of them – whether they are small and medium-sized enterprises, brands as well as creators of content, influencers, individuals, and so on.

We’ve included high-end features that are easy to use and simple management in LinkSocio. Check out some of the best features in LinkSocio:

  • Multiple links and Custom URL
  • Premium themes that can be customized with a design options
  • Comprehensive statistics for your link’s bio
  • Vast color, style, & font options
  • 20+ integrations with social media
  • Video links & Video play
  • Link scheduling & spotlight link
  • Image links and thumbnails
  • Lead generation & contact forms
  • Support for customers from a dedicated team
  • Access to multiple accounts for multiple users
  • Multiple link management

Beyond that additional advantages of LinkSocio which make it the perfect option for Link to your Instagram bio.


This bio tool provides an additional way to contact your followers. It allows you to connect your social media profiles as well as hyperlinks to one page. You can also view an hour-by-hour breakdown of the clicks you have made on your links.

Features available on the free accounts from ContactInBio:

  • Your Custom Profile/Bio Url
  • 7 Themes for Free
  • Upload Your Links from Linktree
  • Custom Links
  • Whatsapp Button
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Get a day-by-day breakdown the number of clicks on your link
  • Contact Form
  • Music Services
  • Fonts Selection
  • Custom Text
  • Modification of text, links and buttons color styles.
  • Link Clicks Tracking
  • Page Analytics of Visitors


Utilizing Campsite it is possible to turn your link into unlimitable. The bio tool is useful everywhere you’re required to share it, including Facebook as well as your personal email. The simple landing page for social media built with this tool is comprised of a series of hyperlinks with images.

Here are some features that are available by the free account of Campsite:

  • Branding, such as the fonts and colors that are controlled
  • Create an intro and alter the name of your Campsite
  • Unlimited Links
  • Displaying the number of clicks that have been made on your link.
  • Include pictures taken from Instagram to your Instagram profile to your link
  • Connect your social media accounts to your Campsite
  • Links that you pin at the highest of the list of links
  • Integrate on your website Campsite Profile on your site
  • One slide, a single slide carousel
  • Create custom carousel designs using Canva
  • Links to restore and archive links
  • embed videos on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook or Vimeo

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This bio tool will convert your bio’s link into a website for free. Milkshake can be simple to use to connect your followers to the services offered through your bio, and also to the Milkshake website. Through this site, you can develop or launch promotions, link in bio app passion projects and business concepts easily.

The features you can expect with a free account include:

  • Personalizing using blogs, text, GIFs, contact details Links, text, and more
  • Customizing your brand’s logos, colors, fonts and images
  • There are multiple websites that support all Instagram accounts, with an easy switch
  • Monthly and daily breakdown of clicks and views on links


A bio tool that is recommended for you is LNK.BIO. It has multiple links to your bio and provides different options to your followers. You can also post your social media profiles and other important links using just one URL. This tool can also be used to include a link to an upcoming campaign sponsored by the client.

LNK.BIO is extremely simple to use and has many incredible and exciting features like a modern design and infinite links. If you’re an agency or agent you can control the influencers’ links from one control panel.

Some of the features you’ll get with a free account include:

  • No extra cost
  • Unlimited Lnks
  • Random URL

Tap Bio

This tool for bios is great to Instagram marketers. tap Bio transforms followers of the marketers to customers. It also assists brands entrepreneurs, influencers, entrepreneurs and creators connect their followers to their own products and services.

Benefits of an account that is free (basic):

    • A profile card
    • Other cards (+1)
    • One IG Account
    • Free month-long or annual


With Linktree with Linktree, you can link your viewers to your content via just one link. It can be used anyplace and anywhere, acting as it acts as a launchpad to your latest websites, articles or social posts. You can also have your fans and followers support your efforts to make money from your dreams and desires link in bio app.

Linktree provides a drag-and-drop editor that lets you manage your content with ease. It’s a safe reliable, secure, and confidential tool to protect your personal information.

Benefits of a no-cost account include:

  • Unlimited Links
  • Include video clips directly to your Linktree
  • A range of built-in themes to allow for personalization
  • You can collect emails, payments and even phone numbers from your target audience
  • Tracking the total number of views and clicks


Apart from link in bio app elink provides complete features to create webpages and bookmarks. You can bookmarks to save and RSS widgets for websites, email newsletters and social walls, automated content and more.

It’s a fantastic tool that provides the most effective and most effective way to connect the audience through your content, by including web-based links.

Benefits of a no-cost account include:

  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Multiple Import Options
  • 5 links per post
  • 1 Elink post per day

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