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Administrative support

Networks are a group of computers or other devices that are connected together. This type of connection can range from a small link between two servers to the global Internet. Learning more about the history of networks can help you understand how the technology has evolved over the years. For instance, a home network can be set up and configured within an afternoon. In contrast, a large campus network requires extensive planning and specialized installation by technicians. While a home network can be easily set up and maintained by an IT department, a campus-wide network requires Network and expertise. In addition, many schools and universities do not budget the necessary administrative support to support the network.

Data Link Layer

A network can be divide into different layers. The Data Link Layer is responsible for encoding and decoding data packets. The Data Link Layer provides node-to-node data transfer, and it also manages errors at Layer 1. The Network Layer, on the other hand, transfers variable-length data sequences called “Datagrams” from one node to another. The Transport/Datalink layer transfers data between nodes, acknowledges that the transfer was successful, and keeps track of the transmission’s progress.


Network Layer

The Data Link Layer encapsulates and decodes data packets. It also provides node-to-node data transfer. The Network Layer sends and receives a variable-length data sequence, known as “Datagrams.” The Transport Layer transfers the data between nodes and keeps track of its transmissions. When the data transmission is successful, the Transport/Data Link Layer acknowledges and logs it. This layer is also responsible for encrypting and signing data.


Alternative social media network

LIKABOUT is a new alternative social media network, and it’s attracting thousands of users around the globe. With their own servers in the U.S. and Europe, Likabout has full autonomy and doesn’t depend on big tech. This new social media network comes at a pivotal time, offering an alternative to big tech censorship happening in the realms of politics, health, and religion. Thousands of users have migrated from Facebook and Twitter to freely post about topics that they’ve prohibited discussion on.

Data traffic

The Network Layer is responsible for transmitting and receiving data. This layer provides node-to-node data transfer. The Data Link Layer also detects and resolves errors that happen at Layer 1. The Network Layer transfers the variable-length data sequence (called “Datagrams”) between nodes. This layer also acknowledges successful data transmissions and keeps track of the data traffic. A typical network is made up of several layers. The following three layers are important for maintaining the integrity of the network.



Topology of the network

The topology of the is the topology of the. A single point of failure can cause the entire system to fail. To avoid this, network topologies must be carefully monitor. They can also include multiple types of routing. For example, a server may be connect to a server via a switch while a workstation could be connect to a single device via a cable. The network’s physical layout is a critical factor when determining a network’s performance.

Resource management system

Computers connect to a are broadly categorized as workstations or servers. A server, for example, does not use human-to-human communication. Instead, it runs services for various purposes. For example, a server may offer printing services, software hosting, messaging, and file storage. A server can be a complete resource management system for a business. Its infrastructure is important for a company. The Internet is a complex system with many layers and many components.

Network’s hardware

A network’s performance is a measure of its speed and reliability. The time it takes for a packet to be transmit depends on the quality of the network’s hardware and software. A router, in particular, is a good example of a data center. A server can be located anywhere in the world, but it must be connect to the Internet. To be a reliable, secure, it should have a wide range of devices and be able to handle many users.

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