Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone Beads 

Tiger beads, also known as wish beads or prayer beads, are a type of bead that is used for traditional Buddhist meditation. They are usually made from wood and have the appearance of three circles. One person will hold one bead in each hand while meditating; when they feel that their mind is starting to wonder, they will squeeze the two beads together to make a sound and refocus themselves on their breathing. This practice originated in China but is now popular in Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

Tiger eye stone beads have a very long history. They date back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.) where they were made of ivory. They were given their name after the Tang emperor had a dream that a tiger came to him from the west bringing precious items with it. They were then believed to protect one from evil spirits and bring health, peace, and happiness to people who use them.

History of Tiger Beads

Tiger beads are used in many forms of meditation. They originated in China as a form of prayer beads. In Chinese, they are called “wish beads,” because meditating with tiger beads is said to improve one’s health and grant wishes. The beads and the associated meditation practice are believed to have originated in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.).

The dream of the emperor who founded that dynasty inspired them: an old man wearing white came out from the west bringing precious items with him. This is how one of the most important Buddhist stories was arranged, and the wish beads were formed. 

They were used to protect one from evil spirits and bring health, peace, and happiness to people who used them. Historically, they were made of ivory. The traditionally sacred beads are now made of sandalwood, which is still a prominent producing country for tiger beads today. Some other countries that make tiger beads are Bangladesh, India, Korea, Indonesia, and China.

How to Meditate With Tiger Beads?

You can use a pair of wooden beads to hold your focus while you meditate. Before you start your meditation, tie them on the end for easy handling. In the middle of the strand, you will have three to five beads (usually five or six) and then one larger bead on either side.

Traditionally, tiger eye stone beads are used in pairs consisting of two inner strands and one outer strand. The inner strand is called “the male” and the outer strand is known as “the female.” You can meditate with just one strand. The pair adds a bit of symbolism to the meditation.

Advantages ​of wearing Tiger Eye Stone Beads 

In the past, they were made of ivory. Now they are made of sandalwood, which is a non-poisonous good wood. A prayer bead can remind you of your goals and how to reach them in life. You can use them also to meditate on positive thoughts and prayers. Other benefits include protection from evil spirits and protection from sickness. They may even help you get out of bed more quickly in the morning or stay awake longer at night.

  1. Health and Harmony

Tiger beads are also used to bring good health and harmony. They are known to help people with asthma, allergies, and high blood pressure. They can even help you stay mentally healthy. Tiger beads may symbolize a long life of health and success.

  1. Protection from Evil Spirits

Tiger beads protect people from evil spirits and misfortune. It is believed that the tiger can help you avoid evil, both physically and spiritually. It can protect you from the tigers in your imagination so that they do not scare you.

  1. Protection from Illness

There are many types of tiger beads that carry healing benefits. They can protect against the flu, headaches, and other physical problems. You may even feel better when you wear them. Tigers help people avoid illnesses and sicknesses, as well as bring happiness to them.

  1. Good Fortune and Prosperity

The tiger is a symbol of luck in general, and people who carry these beads will be able to take that luck with them wherever they go. They are considered especially lucky for business, as the tiger is thought to increase productivity. They are also thought to bring good fortune in other aspects of life, as well.

  1. Gambling and Wealth

Among the Chinese, carrying tiger beads is thought to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. They are also considered lucky for gambling in the west. They are thought to increase your chances of winning and to help you make money on any business venture.

  1. Happiness and Harmony

Tiger beads are used to bring happiness and harmony. In fact, the Chinese believe that tigers can bring happiness and peace to your home. They are thought to represent good fortune for women, as well.

  1. Protection from the Evil Eye

Tiger beads are worn to protect against the evil eye. They are believed to repel negative energy from people who have such a fierce stare, which causes many people to avert their eyes.

  1. Love and Marriage

In some cultures, carrying tiger beads is thought to attract a spouse or heighten the passion that your significant other feels for you.

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