Beating the Sugar Addiction – My Journey

It’s interesting that something suddenly appears as if the fog had cleared up.
I’ve been in some kind of mist, a mist of sugar, for quite some time. It is only recently that this dense, gray world has begun to disappear.

I’ve finally come to the point where I can confront the sugar monster. To be honest, I thought it was impossible, but I feel that sugar has stopped working. And I am grateful, cheap, and humble.

Where I was

This changed 180 degrees from what I used to be … and for years it was moody, desperate, foggy, and sugar-saturated! To discover the connection took a lot of time. I’m scared, but it’s better not to be late, right? drow last names

If you combine 2 and 2, you’re probably not ready to fight sugar monsters for another year. Too scary-I’m worried that I’ll fail. I had to go as far as I wanted to focus on my health, but that was enough.

Before we could stabilize our eating habits, we also needed to stabilize our lives. For the last 10 years, my work environment has always been a burden to my body. I worked long hours, worked in crazy shifts, and often experienced adrenaline-squirting events during work. Those crazy shifts (the change from day shift to me) influenced me.

I found that my body hates change. Unfortunately, this is true. My body likes to get on the schedule and when that schedule changes it affects me as a person. Breaking the circadian rhythm by working day and night, maximizing sleep, and eating less was like adding fuel to a sugar monster.

Sugar is a reliable substance that makes you feel happy when your head screams and lays down. When I felt stressed or tired, I felt very comfortable. The more I dealt with junk, the more I wanted it, and the cycle went on until I got stuck. I’ve always wanted sugar ever since!

Beating the Sugar Addiction – My Journey


Well, obviously things are changing for the better — oops, it’s not that the previous job was terrible or something happened! It wasn’t ideal for my body. Now I work more “normal” hours. The clinic is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. This is my first lunch break! This job is completely stress-free. My body is on schedule. I exercised regularly and cleaned up my diet pretty well (and having a blog actually helps me reach my nutrition and fitness goals)! Beating the Sugar Addiction – My Journey

After thinking about it since I started this blog last fall, I decided to annihilate it against sugar monsters in February. I finally decided to focus on improving my health. Tired … No, I’m tired! You can’t enjoy life in the sugar mist. I’m crazy about sweets all day long! I didn’t like eating junk, but I didn’t like the taste very much. Hey, if you want to eat sweets, you should have high quality! Yes, thank you for your dessert help!

I was also worried that sugar could affect my health. I want to be healthy both physically and mentally! It’s finally ready. This was the beginning of a deliberate and slow battle between me and Monster, and this time I planned and promised to win.

Where am I now

It takes us to the present and goes back to what we wrote at the beginning of this article. I’m very sensitive to sugar, so I always have to pay attention to what I eat, how I feel, and what I need. But it’s definitely worth the extra effort. And working to improve and maintain good health should be a lifelong journey, right?
Indeed, outside the fog, life is more beautiful and interesting.

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