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Are You Know About Organic Sweet Honey Brand in Pakistan?

Honey, as we all know, is an organic sweet honey, the sugary syrup produced by bees. How to find the best honey brand in Pakistan? In Pakistan, There are multiple brands available, But Islamic honey on of the biggest brands in Pakistan. They provide you with pure organic honey.

How is Organic honey different from regular honey?

  1. Organic honey undergoes minimal processing, such as gentle heating at low temperatures to allow it to flow for packaging and light filtering to remove larger particles such as leaves and non-honey debris.
  2. Commercially produced honey undergoes processing, including purification (heating the honey to a high temperature) to remove yeast present in the honey and ultrafiltration to prevent crystallization and increase shelf life.

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Tips for Little Pollinators Store Honey

  1. These hardworking little pollinators store honey in their hives and use it as a source of food and nutrients to feed the bees.
  2. Many varieties of honey are commonly available on the market, but one thing that usually confuses people is which honey is better? Organic honey or regular honey.
  3. In the past, people only used organic honey, but nowadays, most of the honey available on supermarket shelves is processed honey, which involves intense heating.
  4. The honey available in the markets is usually processed by pasteurization, which involves intense heating. But are ordinary honey and organic honey the same or different?

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Honey Combs

  1. Organic honey is obtained directly from the honeycombs.
  2. The beekeeper then works to filter the bee honey to remove small debris and bee pollen, including dust, beeswax, and dead bee parts. It does not purify the nectar.
  3. Organic honey is somewhat cloudy or opaque because it contains these extra components and is extremely safe to consume.

Clear and smooth Honey

  1. Regular honey is clear and smooth.
  2. The pasteurization process improves the appearance of honey, extends its realistic shelf life, and kills yeast cells that can influence the flavor of honey.
  3. However, many people believe that purification decreases the antioxidant properties and nutrient levels in the body.

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Tips for Process Honey

  1. Simply put, organic honey is removed from the bee colony, filtered, and poured directly into the container so that you receive and consume only pure, natural honey with all nutrients intact.
  2. In contrast, regular honey is usually processed with sugars
  3. This basically means you are consuming honey that is high in sugar, which is not at all good for your health either.

Tips For bee Pollen?

  1. Bee pollen is collected along with nectar by honey bees.
  2. While we place ever-increasing emphasis on imported honey,
  3. bee pollen has been shown to be “nutritious, containing over 250 substances, including nutrients, amino acids, basic unsaturated fats, micronutrients, and antioxidants.”
  4. It has also been associated with wonderful medical benefits. Unfortunately, pasteurization and other methods like ultrafiltration used by commercial honey companies can remove these beneficial pollen particles.

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Mineral Honey

  1. Organic honey contains essential amino acids, major minerals such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. that help provide many honey health benefits.
  2. It helps reduce inflammation, decreases the risk of heart disease and cancer, etc.
  3. Natural honey, on the other hand, is highly processed, resulting in the removal of beneficial nutrients such as pollen, antioxidants.


  1. Organic honey has been associated with some surprising medical benefits.
  2. Studies have found that it can help lower coronary heart disease risk factors like a pulse.
  3. cholesterol, improve wound healing and even treat hacks.

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Final Words

One of these key components is a chemical called glucose oxidase. This protein helps produce the atoms that give honey its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Unfortunately, this chemical can be obliterated by measures such as heating and filtering. For anyone who wants to get all the medical benefits, it is a good idea to choose organic honey.

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