Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

People who use electric skateboards are most concerned about them working correctly in damp or moist conditions. Imagine buying a portable computing device for a hefty amount and the skateboard malfunctioning due to being non-resistant to water and moisture. So while looking for the best skateboard for yourself, there is another factor you must consider; are electric skateboards waterproof?

Water gathers at the roadside in the form of puddles. We want our electric skateboard to pass through this water without trouble. However, experts advise keeping your electric skateboard from submerging into a body of water completely.

Why is it Troublesome?

Manufacturers use multiple layers of maple wood combined using industrial-grade adhesive to make the deck of a electric skateboard. When the wood is exposed to water regularly, it will lose its toughness, color and eventually break down over time.

While asking yourself the question about are electric skateboards waterproof, you need to understand another aspect. There is a difference between waterproof and water resilient electric skateboards.

Generally speaking, bringing your skateboard anywhere near water is not a good idea. The dampness can get into the metallic parts fitted below the board, causing them to seize working. The motor and other metallic components below the electric longboard are somewhat water resilient, which means they can withstand wet and rainy weather conditions.

While keeping in mind the changing times and growing needs of our millennial commuters, manufacturers have devised solutions to get through the issue under discussion. Are electric skateboards waterproof? So yes, to relieve the buyers of the stress caused by this question, electric skateboards are now waterproof.


New and emerging technology has enabled us to get rid of this problem. A dedicated sealed compartment confines the motor and a rechargeable battery under the electric longboard. It will cut off any possibility of these delicate parts coming in contact with water. Your electric skateboard will thus be free from any need for maintenance even if you go out in wet weather.

There are now all-weather electric skateboards available in the market. These allow you to commute using your electric longboard without having to worry much about are electric skateboards waterproof? Experts advise you to keep the electric longboard away from large puddles. The water seals are time degraded and might not be fully functional after a couple of years.

It is crucial to understand the need to clean and wipe down your skateboard after it has been in contact with water. You must take your time cleaning those hidden spots and checking the electric skateboards for any signs of wetness. It will help you increase the longevity of your longboard. In this manner, water was coming in contact with the metallic parts. Now, these parts will not accumulate rust.


Although there are many variations in skateboards these days. Upcoming models of electric skateboards are waterproof. This additional feature will add to the practicality of this product but add to the cost of the electric skateboard you want to buy.

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