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Aquaguard Service Bangalore: The Parts Of The Water Purifier That Needs Serving Quite Often

The Parts Of The Water Purifier That Needs Serving Quite Often

Modernism has given us the advancement that we deserve, but everything comes with consequences. While many tend to focus on the bright side, some factors need to be reconsidered.

Due to heavy industrialization, severe notches have increased water pollution, one filtration system’s functionality, making water purifiers very common in every household. However, purchasing a water purifier is not enough. 

To tell you the truth, you must be thinking about maintaining the water purifier’s serviceability; it needs to be serviced every often. 

Due to heavily polluted water, which bears DTS, lead, sulfur, and other harmful elements, the water purifier parts get worn down. 

The more it is in use, the faster it needs to be replaced; otherwise, one degrading portion of the purifier will bog down the whole machinery. We don’t want it to happen, now, don’t we? 

That is why in this article, we will share with you specific information about some essential parts of the water purifier that needs to be serviced now and then.

Parts That Need To Be Serviced Now And Then

The functionality of the water purifier depends solely on the filtration power. The filter is considered the purifier’s best defense system that keeps the harmful contaminants away from the water, making it potable. 

In other words, it is the main element that eliminates the harmful chemicals and residues from your drinking water. 

That is why, if the water purifier loses its defensive power, it means it is on the path to losing its usefulness. Your best chance to restore balance is by altering the filter before it hampers the other parts. 

  • DI cartridge 

Though filters are considered an essential part that needs to be altered or serviced, what many overlook is the sediment, carbon, and DI cartridge; the fact that the cartridge needs to be changed every 6 to 8 months is true. 

The rate at which the cartridge may need Aquaguard Service Bangalore depends solely on how exhausted it may become. 

In other words, the more impurities the cartridge has to purify, and the amount of water the purifier has to filter are the factors that impact the longevity of the machinery.  

That is why we recommend that you change the cartridge based on the amount of water that is passed down the filters. 

See if your water purifier generates a massive amount of potable water in a day; if it does, then your cartridge may need a replacement in three months. 

If the cartridge is not changed, then there remains a chance of spreading the contaminants through the filters. Generally, the filter will be saturated with dirt and other pollutants, eventually delivering you unhealthy water. 

Commonly, the water purifier contains up to 12 stages. The lowest being three filters, while the maximum is 12 levels of filters. The more filtering techniques are added, the better the result will be. 

If you risk the functionality of one filtration system, then it means you are risking the functionality of the rest of the purifier filtration systems. 

Generally, if the water purifier refines 3000 gallons of water in a day, then you would need to replace the cartridge every six months. 

  • Sediment Filter 

Sediment filters are also one of the essential parts of the water purifier. The sediment filter is responsible for training out the first remnants of chemically imbalanced elements and slit. 

A clean sedimentation filter conserves the RO filter from getting diluted with dirt. If the filters are not changed, then there is a chance that the RO filtration system will be fully drenched in soots. 

If the dirt manages to reach the RO filter membrane, it will block the system, making it challenging for purification. 

  • Carbon Filter 

The carbon filter plays an essential role in clearing out contaminants’ remnants and chlorine’s chemical dilution. 

It is because of the carbon filter that the water becomes odorless and colorless. You must change the carbon filter at least once a year. 

  • RO Membrane 

The RO membrane is the last mode of defense that ensures that the water is purified through and through. The membrane of the RO system is considered to be semi-permeable. 

However, the RO system’s safety depends solely on how well the carbon and sediment filtration operates. 

That is why we suggest that you keep both the filter parts intact and alter it before it saturates the membranes. 

Nonetheless, the RO system should be changed after you have managed to consume at least 4k to 6k of water volume. 

The amount may vary depending on the TDS level of the water. However, you should call Aquaguard Service Bangalore to get it checked. 


The best way to notice whether your water purifier needs to be serviced is by spotting the sight of drips or leakage. 

It is one of the primary indications that any water filtrations have worn down and need replacement. 

Nonetheless, contact Aquaguard Service Bangalore at least twice a year to maintain the serviceability of the purifier. 

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