All You Need To Know About LED Light Therapy

All You Need To Know About LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is an innovation in the field of the cosmetic industry. It is a skin treatment that makes use of led light and is free from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The light from LED light masks Australia penetrates the skin to target different skin conditions.

Types of LED light Masks:

Most commonly, these LED light masks incorporate blue and red light to meet different requirements. The difference in the colors of LED light indicates a difference in their wavelengths.

So, they also penetrate at different depths of skin to trigger natural healing.

Blue LED Light Mask:

People who want to get rid of their oily skin should go for blue LED light masks. Blue LED light masks work by reducing the activity of sebaceous glands. As a result of the reduced activity of sebaceous glands, less oil is produced.

This results in improving the symptoms of acne. Blue LED light also plays its role in fighting acne-causing bacteria. Acne-causing bacteria may cause inflammation on the skin. So, by using blue LED light, one can easily fight both acne as well as inflammation of the skin.

Experts also believe that blue LED light also plays a significant role in the healing process of third-degree burns.

Red LED Light Mask:

If you are concerned about the fine lines and wrinkles present on your face, you must use red LED light masks. These masks not only help you in getting wrinkle-free skin but also improve your scars.

Red LED light masks work by acting on fibroblasts. As a result of this, collagen production increases. Collagen plays an important role in healing wounds, spots, and scars. Just like blue LED light masks, the red LED light mask also lowers swelling.

Moreover, red LED light also helps in reducing the symptoms of aging. When a person gets old, collagen depletion occurs in the body. As a result of this, the skin shows signs of aging. So, to prevent aging and its symptoms, one must use red LED light masks.

Treatment of Different Diseases:

LED light masks help treat different skin issues. If you have acne breakouts that are so painful, you can go for the LED light mask to prevent them. LED light masks also help to treat acne spots, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The role of LED light masks in treating diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema is also of significant importance. LED light masks also help to treat wounds, sun damage, and different inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Removal of Acne, Spots, Wrinkles:

LED light therapy treats various skin diseases. It improves the texture of the skin and reduces acne, spots, and wrinkles. It can permanently remove unwanted marks, spots, and lines to provide you a glowing skin.

Healing of Wounds:

LED light therapy plays a key role in speeding up the healing process of wounds. Doctors often recommend Red LED light therapy for patients who have undergone surgeries or operations. LED light therapy reduces redness and inflammation.

It also diminishes bruises and helps one get clear skin.

Prevention of Cancer:

This is an undeniable advantage of LED light therapy. Yes, LED light therapy helps prevent skin cancer. If you have malignant or non-malignant skin cancer growths because of sun damage, you can use LED light therapy to prevent cancer.

LED light therapy prevents cancer by removing skin lesions that may result in causing cancer in the skin tissues.

Induces Hair Growth:

Both males, as well as females, can benefit from LED light therapy to control their hair loss. If you have hair pattern loss, you can go for LED light therapy that helps to stimulate the growth of hair.


Besides treating a wide range of skin disorders, LED light therapy also plays a vital role in treating depression. LED light therapy is most effective in dealing with a severe form of depression.

This depressive disorder is known as seasonal affective disorder and occurs because of different reasons. It is associated with seasonal patterns, and people may develop it because of staying indoors for longer times.

As this may occur because of darker days and dreary winter weather, it can be treated with light therapy.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that can be treated by LED light therapy. LED light therapy treats psoriasis by lowering scaly ores, itchiness, redness, plague, pimples, and inflammation.

Working of LED Light Therapy:

LED light therapy may work with or without photosynthesizing drugs. Before administrating the light treatment, a doctor may give his patients goggles to protect the eyes from light effects.

After this, the doctor applies light to the target area. Depending upon your problem and the size of the affected skin, the time may vary between fifteen to ninety minutes. Light helps in the proper absorption of the medicine into the skin to have the best results.

Safety of LED Light Mask:

If you are concerned about the safety of LED light masks, there is no need to worry about it. LED light masks are surely safe and do not cause any damage to the skin. The main benefit of using LED light masks is their complete safety.

LED light masks are free from hazardous UV rays, so one remains safe from their harmful effects. LED light therapy also does not result in causing burns on the skin. Therefore, one can easily use these LED light masks in their routine.

LED light therapy is different from traditional skin treatments like laser therapy and chemical peels. If you want to have radiant and glowing skin without any side effects, selecting LED light therapy is the best option.

Moreover, this therapy is also safe for all. This means that people of different age groups and different skin types can benefit from it easily.

The right color and right amount of light are necessary for getting the best results.  One must consult an expert dermatologist to have the best consultation.


Light therapy is an effective way to deal with different diseases of the skin. It also helps in preventing cancer and depression. Thus, one must use it to get innumerable advantages.

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