All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Car Tyre

Car Tyres Details

Car tyre is available in various kinds and each one of them has its own unique feature. Therefore, you need to understand the basic difference between all these types of car tyres, before you make the final call. Some of the most commonly used types of car tyres are as follows.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are also referred to as standard tyres and are the default Pirelli Tyres Birmingham in most vehicles. They are made up of a soft rubber compound, which provides good performance on dry roads.

They are suitable for both dry and wet roads and can sustain a temperature above 7 degrees celsius. If you drive summer tyres in colder regions, it is more likely that the rubber of the tyre will become tough and may lead to a serious accident.

The tread pattern on the summer tyres is uniquely designed with lots of grooves and sipes. They help the tyre to displace water easily and prevent aquaplaning. The tread of the summer tyres provides excellent contact with the road, increases the traction, and reduces the rolling resistance.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are known for their performance on snowy roads. They are made in such a way that they can easily sustain a temperature below 7 degrees. The rubber of these tyres does not get hard and works efficiently on roads in colder regions.

Moreover, the treads of these tyres are designed to be flexible and agile to run on snowy roads. Unlike summer tyres, the tread of winter tyres can easily overcome the snow on the road and provide you with a better grip. Its deep tread patterns improve the steering and reduce the braking distance.

If winter tyres are driven in the summer season or any region with warm climatic conditions, the tread of tyres will wear out very quickly and may land you in serious trouble.

All-Season Tyres

These types of tyres are suitable for both warm and cold climatic conditions. Most people do not want their tyres to be changed in every season and so they choose all-season tyres, as they can be driven all year round. But these tyres are not suitable for the extreme climate.

If you live in a moderate climatic region, all-season tyres are the best option for you because they survive long when they are driven in a moderate hot or cold climate. Moreover, the tread pattern of all-season tyres provides an adequate level of performance.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres include 4×4 tyres and SUVs tyres. These tyres are made of hard rubber compounds and are ideal to be driven on rough roads. No matter what the climatic condition is, all-terrain tyres always satisfy your expectation and give you a high level of performance at high speed.

The tread of the all-terrain tyres makes all the difference. They are constructed with an interlocked tread pattern and broad tread blocks, which helps them to overcome obstacles on the roads.

If driven on normal roads, they provide you with an exceptionally comfortable ride. The treads of all-terrain tyres do not wear down easily, as they have broad tread blocks and thus safeguard your tyres from frequent punctures.

Run Flat Tyres

If you install run-flat tyres in your car, you will enjoy the ride without any fear of punctures. These tyres are designed to be able to rotate even if there is no air pressure in them. This means that even after a puncture, the run-flat tyre will help you in reaching home safely. The sidewalls of these Car Tyres Birmingham are strong, so they can survive temporarily after a puncture.

Now that you have understood what are the different types of car tyre available for you in the market, you can buy the right one for yourself. To buy a car tyre at a reasonable price, you should visit HLR Tyres.

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