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Airbrush Tanning Tips for Bride Before the Wedding


Hmmm….Excitedly counting down your wedding day? Invitation, venue, dress all are done, so now it’s time for an ultimate bridal golden glow to walk down the aisle. And there is nothing better than getting an airbrush tan before your wedding.

Some ladies opt for natural skin tone even if they feel quite confident rocking a little color. So it’s time to get schooled, ladies; here, there is everything to know about getting an airbrush tanning before your big day. Know the answers that bothered you as a bride with effective tips to do it right, and it leads you to natural radiance with UV-free tanning.

How many days before the wedding should you airbrush tan?

Head in 2-3 days before the wedding to get your airbrush tan done during the week of the wedding. It is because it allows your tan to develop fully and wash off all the cosmetic bronzer. So it does not transfer onto your dress. Also, on the 3rd day, your color is at its best to give you that radiant glow.

Should you get a trial tan before your wedding?

Yes! Hands down as it is the best piece of advice for you. There are many tanning salons near me if you search that makes you familiar with the real deal of tan. Tans are not for everyone, and you might don’t get them regularly. So if you are a novice, it will be a bit of a shock. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the week of the wedding to tan. 

A quick trial allows you to test drive the color, and you can also adjust the color accordingly in time for the wedding. 

Note: The good idea is to book the trial around the time of your last wedding dress fitting. It will allow you to see what your skin tone looks like in the dress itself.

What if my tanning turns me orange?

Firstly, you won’t turn orange! At our tanning salons, the solutions are customized based on the customer’s natural and desired skin tone. So trust us; your color will be customized. And you won’t look like a walking CHEETO. They have the best interest and are only going to use what looks good on you! 

This is why a test trial is important, as it allows you to nail down the perfect shade and make your bridal fantasy come true.

How many days before your big day should you get your nails done?

In terms of wedding week, mani/Pedi comes first and then airbrush tan. The oils or lotions of these pampering services can act as a barrier to the skin and impact color development. Ultimately it results in uneven tones. But sometimes, times demand something else, and you need to get it done. So for that, wait until after your first shower and avoid the massage portion of the service. The products might degrade your tan results.

Why do you need to consider your wedding dress, neckline, and back before tanning?

It is extremely important to consider your dress back and neckline. Women make a huge mistake to get tan wearing a bandeau bikini top and bottoms. They did it for the first time ever and feel a bit modest and conscious. But in that situation, they usually forgot about dress necklines if they had a deep neck or very low cut back. 

For sure, it looks unattractive with a pasty white band across the back and not cute at all! Don’t make a rookie move, and keep the neckline and backline in mind when getting undressed. Also, leave your modesty at home as they are professional and do it every day, so they pass ZERO judgment on anyone!

How do you prepare yourself before tanning?

For the amazing result, you need to do something ahead of time. So the day before your tanning appointment, shower and exfoliate. Use a dry brush or mitt to remove all the dead skin. Shave or do any other hair removal methods 12 hours before your wedding spray tan. Also, on the day of your appointment, exfoliate again. 

Remove all your lotions, makeup, perfume, and oils as they can affect the development of your tan. If you have dry skin and moisturizer, you must use safe sunless products.

Post-airbrush tan tips will help keep you glowing for days after, the wedding:

  • Avoid anything related to moisture like working out, sweating, and showering for at least 5 hours after your spray tan. 
  • When you shower, take a cold shower. A hot shower strips your tan, and you don’t want that for your wedding and beyond. Take good care of it. 
  • Only use your palm to gently rinse off. Avoid any exfoliants and harsh scrubbing, drying soaps, and other chemicals. 
  • Keep your hands off your skin, and don’t mess up your airbrush tan before the wedding.

Wrapping up:

Every bride is unique! And getting an airbrush tanning from the tanning salons with a high rating makes her feel confident and beautiful. Go for it! Remember to keep these tips in mind and tan color preparation that you should do ahead of time. Also, enjoy an even glow that is specially made for you to make your big day even more fantasizing! 

Read more to know about certain things for airbrush tanning!

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