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A well-Managed Guide to Customizing Mylar Bags

Custom mylar bags are opaque, made from metalized polyester. However, you can avail of mylar bags in which the air is removed by the addition of oxygen absorbers, also known as oxygen scavengers.

By utilizing mylar bags with oxygen absorbers remove up to 99.99% of oxygen. Whereas the best vacuum sealer machines only remove around 99.5% oxygen, which creates oxygen absorbers 50 times more effectively. Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers will remove the oxygen, but not nitrogen or other gases, so the actual volume of gas in the bag will only minimize by approximately one-fifth.

Do you know? The bacteria can only grow in oxygen-rich environments, so the presence of nitrogen and other gases in the sealed kraft mylar bags will not allow bacteria to grow.

Moreover, the Mylar bags are also much tougher in nature and way more resistant to gas permeability than vacuum sealer bags, because it has metalized nature. So, this type of packaging is best for food products.

Direct print mylar bags are like flexible aluminum, protecting the inside product from gas permeability, light, heat, pests, and as well as damage due which causes due to environmental issues.

Mylar Bag Styles

Generally, for food purposes, sealed mylar bags are utilized, especially in the three sides sealed form. But it is only the one style of mylar bags. The following are some of the mylar bags styles which you can avail of:

  1. Vacuum bags(3-side seal pouches)
  2. Flat bottom bags
  3. Gusset bags
  4. Stand up pouches

Printed Mylar Bags are Truly the winner

More and more merchants select mylar bags with logo printed for their brand expansion and promotion. However, the price of custom mylar bags wholesale is very friendly and also very easy to operate the packing and delivery. Therefore, the effect of printing on the mylar bag is a very awesome aspect that creates the customized printing working very low.

In order to enhance the outlook, the custom stickers for mylar bags will be an awesome idea. This will enhance the beauty of the bag for sure.

The Process Of 3 Kinds Of Printing

The custom printed mylar bags are flexible and carry the printing process in an easy and efficient way.

Below are the popular printing options on the market.

  • Flexography
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Gravure

The above-discussed printing methods are best for mylar bags, but the cost will definitely vary.

You can also go for adding various labels on the mylar bags. However, this all depends on the suitability of your brand.

Moreover, go for adding your brand logo on the mylar bags. The custom mylar bags with logo will look awesome and will be helpful to increase the loyalty of customers for your brand.

Why do you need mylar bags?

Are you wondering why there is a need for mylar bags? Are you aware of the food storage history? Food storage is both a traditional domestic skill and, in the form of food logistics, which is an essential industrial and commercial activity.

However, food preservation, storage, and transport, including timely delivery to consumers, are significant to food security, especially for the people throughout the world who rely on others to produce their food. Whereas, food is stored by almost every human society and by many animals.

In the previous era, the people store the food with drying, smoking, fermentation, pickling of sugar/ salt/ vinegar, etc. So, you can seek the commonality in the different methods.

  • Remove the moisture in the food
  • Isolate the oxygen
Window Feature Enhances The Mylar Bags Outlook

Mylar bags with window features look awesome and attractive. Through this die-cut window feature, the customers can easily see within the mylar bag product.




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