A Handy Guide On Summer Tyres

Cars are useless if they do not have the right tyres fitted.

You might have heard about how tyres are an integral car component and are the only link with the road; however, there are several options to go through. Car tyres are designed and manufactured based on several external factors.

If you live in a cold area, the car tyres would be designed keeping in mind the weather, the icy roads and safety. Again for summer seasons, the tyres would be designed differently. Car tyres are available in many choices, and if you do not know enough about summer tyres, here is a handy guide that will help you through.

Factors That Differentiate Summer Tyres From Winter Ones

Summer tyres Scunthorpe and winter car tyres are different from each other in three factors: the tread depth and pattern, the structure of the tyre, and the rubber content. However, when the temperature is warm, summer tyres perform exceptionally well when compared to winter tyres.

  • If the temperature remains above 7-degree Celsius, going for summer tyres would be the best option. Summer tyre are manufactured using a harder rubber compound that offers a better grip on dry roads by becoming supple and increasing traction. Winter tyre rubber composition is a lot more flexible to maintain grip even on icy roads.
  • The car tread depth of summer car tyres is narrower than the winter ones. The tread depth should be a minimum of 3mm for winter tyres, while for summer, it is a minimum of 1.6mm. Summer tyres also contain a fewer number of sipes than winter tyres. Winter tyres can easily disperse water, avoiding hydroplaning.

Why Invest In Summer Tyre?

  • If you love adventures and twisted roads and thrive on them, the summer tyres are possibly the best option for top road-holding capabilities. They provide you with great traction and superior handling. Braking competency is one of the biggest advantages you will get to enjoy with this.
  • Summer tyres not only perform well on dry roads but are exceptional on wet roads as well. Wet roads are always a challenge and can easily cause you to lose control. The tread patterns ensure the water is dispersed, counteracting hydroplaning.

Can You Use Summer Tyre During Winters?

Summer tyre work best when the temperature is above 7 degrees Celsius; below that, they can lose their structural integrity. During winters, the rubber used in summer car tyres can harden, resulting in losing control while driving. The icy roads can drastically increase the braking distance of summer tyre, potentially dangerous and can even cause accidents. Experts advise it is best not to go for summer tyre during winters.

If you do not wish to invest in two types of tyres, you can think about all-season car tyre with characteristics of both the summer and winter tyres. However, if the temperatures are way too extreme, it is best to use specific tyres Scunthorpe to avoid any accidents or hassle on the road.

Brands That Design The Best Summer Tyre

A few brands have been working for decades designing and manufacturing summer tyre depending on brand specifics and owner requirements. Brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli are considered the best. However, they belong in the upmarket range but remember, tyres should be purchased carefully. Cheap tyres might save you some money, but the frequent repair and beyond time replacement will cost you more in the long run. On the other hand, quality tyres will not only offer better performance but will save cost on fuel too.

As the mercury rises and the temperature becomes unbearable, summer tyre can save you a lot of hassle while driving on the road. Do not forget to go through the dealer ratings and reviews before purchasing anything. Store your winter tyres carefully during the summer and summer tyre during the winter so that you can use them for years to come enjoying the exceptional performance.

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