A Comparison Between Granite and Marble- What Should You Opt For?

A Comparison Between Granite and Marble.

Rigorous research is crucial for those who are planning to do the interior design of their new home and who are looking for a granite and marble company. The first thing that comes to our mind when we say countertop is the natural stone. People prefer having natural stone countertops in their homes. 

Hence, they are looking for a reliable natural stone fabricator to do the job for them. No matter what natural stone you are going to select, it will be beneficial if you choose a granite and marble company to get the high possible quality stone. However, in this post, we are going to provide a comparison between granite and marble to help you choose any one of them. 

Difference Between Granite and Marble- Which Should You Choose?

Granite and marble both are very common and popular natural stones that are hugely used in interior designs. People tend to confuse these two natural stones because most of them don’t know the difference. If you look closely, then you will notice that they both have drastic variations in pattern and colour. 

However, since they have many similar things, the choice between the two is sometimes confusing. Therefore, there is a high chance that your choice will be influenced by maintenance requirements, availability of colours and patterns, durability, etc. 

So, before choosing between granite and marble, you need to have the proper and appropriate information to make your final decision. Here, in this guide, we have covered almost everything that will help you in choosing your natural stone for countertops.

  • Appearance

An individual can easily differentiate granite and marble by their appearance. Marble is generally cream-coloured or solid greyish-white coloured stone that comes up with dark veins running through it. Though, you will find other different varieties as well. Marble steaks are created from the mineral impurities such as iron oxides, slits, etc. 

On the other hand, the physical feature of granite is really different from marble. Granite shows a vein appearance that you can notice on a granite surface. Granite has a variety of mottled colours that comes from melded stones like biotite mica, quartz, amphibole, etc. and comes in multiple shades and tones. However, you can go to a reputed granite and marble company to know the difference more accurately.

  • Porosity

Porosity is important especially when it comes to deciding the material for your kitchen countertops. You need to opt for natural stones that can withstand your kitchen elements. Marble is the clear winner here when it comes to selecting your stone depending on the porosity. Marble can be your elegant choice since it is very sturdy and compact and is perfect for your kitchen countertops.

The pores of the marble come in handy in a very hot climate due to its capability to repel heat. However, it implies that is susceptible to spills and stains. Granite is also damage resistant and has pores in it. It can also easily absorb oil, wine, and spices that can stain the kitchen countertop surface. 

  • Hardness and Durability

Both marble and granite can offer you long-term durability if taken care of properly. Granite can be an ideal option when you will make choice depending on the durability. As granite is much harder than marble, it has more capability to resist scratches and cracks. Apart from that, it is heat-resistant as well. So, if you are looking for granite to use for your countertop, make sure to visit stores that offer granite worktops in Ghana to give your home an aesthetic look. 

As marble is more porous than granite, it absorbs dirt and spills and stains more easily. Though it is also a very hard, stain and heat-resistant material. But it is vulnerable to acidic liquids and foods. Hence, you must wipe off acidic liquids and foods immediately from the marble surface after contact. 

  • Maintenance

Marble requires high maintenance as compared to granite since it is more porous. The material of marble can be easily damaged by any kind of acidic product. You can’t clean the marble surface using any kind of soap. You have to purchase specific products that are exclusively designed for cleaning marble surfaces. 

On the other hand, granite is a less porous material that does not require as much maintenance as marble. But it does not imply that it is an indestructible material, it means you do not need to be much more cautious as compared to marble. Granite surfaces can be easily cleaned by using some hot water with mild soap to maintain the shine of the surface. 

Apart from that, granite needs to be sealed one time every two years while you have to seal marble two times a year. However, the sealing depends on how much you used your surface and how regularly you cleaned your stones. 

  • Price

When it comes to the price, the cost varies depending on the appearance and color of the material. But if we compare the prices of both of the materials, then granite is slightly less expensive than marble. So, the marble can cost you around $60 per square foot while the price of the granite will be approximately $40 per square foot. But, the prices of both of the materials can go higher depending on other factors. 

Maintenance costs and installation costs should be taken into consideration while discussing the price. Therefore, it is essential to contact the experts to have a better estimate of the cost. So, make sure to contact experts in stone wall tiles in Ghana to seek advice from professionals. 

We understand that it is very difficult to choose between granite and marble since both of them contain unique properties. Though, at the end of the day, it entirely depends on your choice and requirements. So, you can either opt for the delicate yet elegant marble or you can go for the hard yet polished exterior of granite. 

Whatever material you will choose, you can always count on Stone Depot to get premium-quality natural stone for your home. We have gained popularity due to the quality and services we provide. 

We are the distributor and fabricator of natural stone products that produce high-quality slabs for several years now. So, if you are seeking expert advice, look no further than Stone Depot. Besides, if you are from Ghana, then visit our depot to check out the amazing collection of natural stones.

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