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A Brief Overview of the Types and Costs of Dental Veneers in the UK

Dental veneers are most times seen as the most magical transformation that chipped, broken, discoloured, and irregular teeth can have.

Do you have an upcoming meeting with a very important client, a wedding, or a debut in the celebrity world? Get your teeth pearly white and well-aligned with dental veneers treatment.

Dental veneers loom perfect, and they are available in three different types: porcelain, composite, and removable.

Porcelain dental veneers

These treatments are more durable and are a perfect match for natural teeth. You can augment your teeth look to be more natural and flawless with the fine porcelain veneers.

Why should you choose porcelain dental veneers?

  1. It is more durable than composite veneers and can last up to 10 or 20 years. The exact duration depends on your dentist’s quality of work and how well you care for them.
  2. They are also stain resistant
  3. They match the colour of your teeth perfectly because they have a translucent colour
  4. This veneer costs between £400 to £1,000 per tooth

Porcelain veneers cost more than the composite counterpart; in fact, it is almost double the price. So do well to check our list of prices to be sure before going to your dentist’s office.

Composite dental veneers

Composite veneers are usually referred to as “temporary veneers” and are used to manage the problem while waiting for permanent solutions.

Why should you consider composite veneers over porcelain?

  1. It is cheaper than the porcelain veneers
  2. With appropriate care, these veneers should last for five years
  3. Composite veneers can be placed right on top of your natural tooth without any invasive procedure
  4. It is a reversible solution for chipped and broken teeth
  5. The cost of composite veneers varies. You can get them from £100 to £400 for each tooth.

The results from composite veneers may not be as excellent as that of the porcelain veneers. However, it depends on the skilfulness of your dentist.

Removable dental veneers

Think of removable dental veneers as an immediate and most temporary solution for chipped, broken, and discoloured teeth. You can quickly snap it on to boost your confidence for a date, an interview, or that very special event.

Some reasons why you may need removable veneers

  1. It is a pain-free method of getting a flawless smile
  2. You can quickly wear and remove them without visiting your dentist for help
  3. You only need to wear them to cover up for the chipped, broken, or discoloured teeth
  4. It can be worn without any alteration of the teeth structure
  5. You only get to use them when you want to. However, it needs a high level of regular cleaning and care.
  6. Perfectly fitting removable veneers are available between £350 and £450 for a complete set.

If you suffer swollen gums or cavities on multiple teeth or have crooked teeth, you may need to ask your doctor before using the removable veneers.

Though cosmetic solutions like veneers can give you the best smile after dental damage, it is not enough to reverse the harm caused by the damage.

Arrange an initial consultation to get dental veneers treatment in London and also know more about the most suitable treatment, cost and aftercare guide.

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