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A Brief Exploration Of Paper Writing

Exploration Of Paper Writing

Ghostwriting is an age-old profession From the Golden Age of English literature during the Elizabethan era, paper writers have helped hundreds of thousands preset their ideas through articulate and engaging written content. Ghostwriting is a surprisingly common practice across different domains:-

  • We have ghostwriters writing academic solutions for students at online assignment help london services, essaying the role of academic paper writers.
  • Ghostwriters have collaborated with famous personalities and aided them in publishing their memoirs & biographies, which have become best-sellers.
  • Freelancing ghostwriters have also worked with renowned authors, helping them cope with the high demands of publication.

The ghost, a freelance writer who aids the author with their skills, talent & experience on a contractual basis.

So, why do people hire ghostwriters?

Reasons For Ghostwriting

As mentioned, ghostwriting is a common practice, albeit extremely un-publicized. Not many possess the skills to craft engaging and best-selling content, but everybody has a story to tell or some idea bubbling in their mind.

Somebody looking to create excellent copywriting stuff or revamp the descriptions of a giant product catalog may require the assistance of one or more ghostwriters. While many significant businesses possess dedicated content writing teams, freelance ghostwriters for hire paper help many MSMEs craft quality contents without making any large-scale investment.

For-hire freelance ghostwriting is often the most viable & feasible option for businesses & individuals to get sparkling, flawless content written professionally. From website copies to autobiographies, a native or freelance ghostwriter can write them all in the best way possible.

In addition, the credited author may list the ghostwriter as a co-author if they share a good rapport and the author’s impressed with the contribution of the ghost.

One can find the “As told to. in numerous books, at the end of which the ghostwriter’s name is mentioned.

Let us now look at some stunning examples of ghostwritten stuff.

Some Famous Books and Stuff Written By Ghostwriters

Here’s a list of books and other content that have ghostwriters lurking behind the scenes. So let’s pull back the curtain and take a closer look.


While Harry Houdini was a master of several reality-bending stuff, he probably lacked the skills and confidence to write a book. That is why he hired the master of another craft, the legendary H.P Lovecraft, to write a story for the Weird Tales magazine in 1924.

Though Lovecraft’s identity remained largely unknown when Houdini was alive, it is now common knowledge that he wrote the tale.


  1. Animorphs by K. A. Applegate

The popular young adult series Animorphs was written by K.A. Applegate, but few know that freelance ghostwriters assisted her.

Katherine Applegate wrote the first 24 books in the series, but for some reason or the other, she just wrote the outline for the rest of the 27 books. A select group of ghostwriters assisted her and did the actual writing for the books.

  1. Applegate is one of the few authors to openly acknowledge and discuss the ghostwriting that went into the series.


  1. Robert Ludlum and The Bourne Series

Ghostwriters were the reason why the Bourne series continued well after the death of Robert Ludlum in 2001. Bestselling Jason Bourne books continued to be published until 2017.

Well, it was not Ludlum’s spirit that dictated things from the beyond but the efforts of a ghostwriter named Eric van Lustbader.

Many other of Ludlum’s unfinished works were also published and became immensely popular, but the identity of the ghostwriters behind those efforts remains largely unknown.

  1. Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

Did you know that the name Carolyn Keene is not the name of any individual but refers to multiple ghostwriters? The author’s name stamped on the cover of the issues of this world-famous series are numerous ghostwriters working under contract.

Simon and Schuster, the publisher of the Nancy Drew series, continue to maintain the legend of Carolyn Keene, but it is ghostwriting that keeps this 88-year-old series alive.

How To Become A Ghostwriter?

The ghostwriting business can be pretty lucrative. A prospective ghostwriter should showcase and highlight their works via a well-designed profile on the Web and social media;  a personal website with a polished layout works best.

Recommendations, social and industry connections are necessary for freelance ghostwriters to make themselves known and find work opportunities.

Ghostwriting is a lucrative career, and the demand for quality written content is always in high demand across different sectors.


And, with that, we wrap up this content on ghostwriting and ghostwriters.

If you are a student looking for assignment assistance, academic ghostwriters or paper writers can help you out big time.

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