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8 sites for a magical holiday in Kasol Camps

It takes five or six days to work a week, wash on Saturday, and go on Sunday. There are plenty of jobs, times, and meetings you need a break to get through the months. But what’s more boring, you know? Plan a trip to some beautiful place and not do it fairly by not explore the depths of its beauty. What is the fun to stay at a cozy and convenient hotel, in which people are always prepared to meet all your needs? Why take your holiday if you don’t leave your comfort area? Now, what this girl is all about, you have to wonder.

But, trust me, after waking in the unclean corners of the Parvati Valley, thank me! After a brilliant morning. Staying in a tent might be uncomfortable, but it’s certainly going to be much more exciting. See this camping list and I’m sure you’re booking a tent.

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1. Kheerganga Trekking Camps

If you have a budget traveler, then the trekking camps in Kheerganga are ideal for you. You get closer to nature when living on the slopes of the mighty mountains, surrounded by pine trees. You don’t need to think about building or protecting a tent. These things are the people who manage the place. Everything you need to do is leave your comfort area and go into a tent! It’s an excellent location for those who want to spend weekends in Delhi. It’s easy to do and much more exciting than anything you ever did. 

2. IYC Camps Kasol

Spacious, colorful tents near a waterfall take your breath away immediately. Regardless of the tent, you have chosen, the view would be amazing. As the site is on the banks of the river, you can stroll for a few minutes in nature. The sound of water on the river can’t be fussier. Step in the morning on the soft grass. Visit a small on-site restaurant and enjoy delicious food for your taste buds. You can run around and enjoy a well-kept playground if you are traveling with children.

3. Jalpa Camp

You can book a tent at the Jalpa Camp if you are someone who loves to fly with your four-packed mates. If you go to so beautiful a spot, why not take your pet with you? There are few animal-friendly accommodations in Kasol.

The tents are comfortable and safe. Return to such a beautiful place after a fatiguing tour is enough to finish a day. Any fascinating friends of your fellow campers can be found here. Talk to your owner to help you explore the forest. Just 5 minutes from Parvati River. You can go and sit on the banks at any time. Let the water wash down your tranquility and let your soul calm down.

4. Parvati Woods Camps

Parvati Woods Camp is one of Kasol’s favorite campsites for budget travelers and backpacking enthusiasts. This is the place where you can find peace near the main road, and away from all the noise. A large area spread around a mountain slope offers many surprising leisure activities. It’s a memorable experience to play Badminton on a field in the Himalayan forest or to play board games with your loved ones in a relaxed evening. What can be better than to find a good book when staying in an attractive location? The owner is your perfect guide if you are interested in walking.

5. Campin’ Wild

This camp is located a little far from Kasol, for those who look forward to their soul and minds. Campin’ Wild offers yoga classes and a health club among the few locations. If you’re not tea, rent a bicycle and walk along winding paths, which in the mountains vanish. If you’re looking for camps in Kasol, this location has a bridal suite as well. Return to healthy food after a tiring day, as there is a great buffet here in the restaurant.

6. Johny Camping Trekking

The tiny village in the Himalayas has its own advantages. In Kasol there are numerous adventure activities, which make the outdoor individual a paradise. While staying at the Johny Camping, you will enjoy these pleasures to the full. Located in the shadow of the glacial mountain of Budhavan, near the Tosh River. You are still committed to trekking, cycling, water sports, and swimming. Snowy hills, rocky spots, grasslands, and thick forests are both exhausting and exciting. The team here is there to help you organize this. You may also organize evening entertainment with other campers.

7. Nature’s Outpost Camps

If you are looking for places to stay, then try Nature’s Outpost camps, and you don’t get anything according to your preference. Even if you are a bit far from Kasol, you still have the opportunity to soak in local culture. The identity of this site is spacious tents with carpeted floors and tidy bathrooms. Would you like a bed breakfast? Wanna play in a well-maintained field? Want to sunbathe and spend hours relaxing? Then your reply is this spot! Your tent looks picturesque in the panoramic scenery. It’s difficult to avoid pictures from clicking.

8. Kasol Camps

This camping is for you if you’re really afraid to remain in a tent. In the heart of nature with a sense of raw camping, Kasol Camp provides luxury in a hotel. The Parvati River Sound is nearby and you can stay in a big tent. You’ll find this site perfect if you’re a fishing fan. The picnic areas and barbecue areas are specially planned. It would definitely be helpful if you are traveling with your family. The employees are friendly and help you settle down. Water sports, nightclubs, DJ and evening entertainment are available.

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