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7 Surefire Ways to Survive a Summer Pregnancy Stylishly

Being pregnant is already challenging, and the hot, humid, and sticky summer weather makes the situation even worse for pregnant women. However, the reality is that summer is a great time to show off your growing bump proudly and celebrate fashion. So if you’re having a summer pregnancy and wondering how to look fashionable this summer, here are some tips and trends to stay comfortable and stylish during hot sunny days.

Latest Trends for a Stylish Summer Pregnancy

For your money, there are three main trends for the pregnant fashionista to look out for as the weather warms up:

1) Firstly look at the color palette. Pastel colors will continue to be important this summer. Oranges have softened towards coral while pinks and blues move towards powdery gelato shades. Or, if you’re more into neutrals, you can’t go past head-to-toe white for a crisp and cool vibe. Interestingly black and washed black are also a big trend for the season.

2) Secondly, note the new silhouette. The cross-over blouse trend will be popular and incredibly practical for tops, as it allows for breastfeeding too. In terms of bottoms, four-way stretch maternity leggings and wide-leg trousers look fabulous; just remember to keep your top fitted if wearing a relaxed bottom; otherwise, you risk looking heavier than you really are. For dresses, femininity is the order of the day with hemlines below the knee.

3) Finally, update your look with the right accessories. In terms of footwear, pointed flats, T-bar sandals, and espadrille loafer shoes are the go, while in bags, boxy rucksacks, and big leather shopper bags in any color will be key.

So what’s on your shopping list for summer? Below are some suggestions!

Maternity Shopping Tips for a Summer Pregnancy

It’s hot as only an Indian summer can be. Some people will criticize your summer pregnancy, but this is your time to glow. Forget layering and all your fashion tricks for winter. Instead, get as near to naked as you can!

1) For summer, you will need a few basics to get you through. The first is a great swimsuit for the pool or beachside glamour. Remember, nothing is more refreshing than feeling weightless when you may feel a little weighty most of the time.

2) Secondly, invest in a few fabulously flowy maternity dresses that can take you from a casual occasion to your best friend’s wedding. As you may already know, you can accessorize one dress in multiple ways to ensure you get fashion bang for a buck.

3) Thirdly, buy a pair of high-stretch maternity pants that suit your lifestyle. Nothing is more uncomfortable than squeezing your belly into pants that weren’t built for a summer pregnancy. So if you’re a corporate girl, get some black pants for the office (they’ll also dress up nicely for dinner out). Likewise, if you’re already spending most of your week chasing other children around, then opt for a casual pair of capris or denim.

4) Lastly, choose a few different tops that match your basic pants. Different-different tops with a change of shoes and bag will make your mates think you have a much bigger maternity wardrobe than you actually do. And your boss and colleagues will be smiling!

Summer dressing is relaxed and fun. Know your personal style and stick to it. Your inner goddess will thank you.

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