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Kids and Teens

7 Reasons Why a Private School May be the Right Choice

We often think, what motivated the parents to send their children to private schools? After all, you pay taxes for your local school. You even move to town because the public school system has a good reputation. So why do parents prefer to pay for private schools?

Many factors influence parents to make this decision. Such as they feel their children were safe in private schools. Like in our private school at Corpus Christi, we provide a better learning environment and are concerned about their testing scores. 

Reasons why private school education is best for your children

Class sizes are smaller

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In public school, one teacher teaches twenty-five or more students in a class. As a result, the teacher’s time is divided among all. And doesn’t offer as much attention to each one. While in private schools, class sizes are smaller, this means each student can receive personal attention from teachers. 

At our child care Corpus Christi Academy, we use a one-to-one model. It means one teacher for every student. In this way, your child gets optimal attention and guidance from their instructor. Your child will not be an anonymous student in a large class. The sole focus of the teacher will be them. 

Parents are highly satisfied

Parents are highly satisfied with the level of instruction their children receive in private schools. They believe teachers in private Christian schools are more capable and they are better at administering discipline in useful ways. Also, parents are enthusiastic about several extracurricular activities. In Corpus Christi, tx, our fine arts school arranges art activities for preschoolers, music and specific interest clubs are available for children.

Safety – the biggest concern! 

When it comes to schools, safety is another top priority for most parents. It is especially true when you consider the rise of cyberbullying and many types of criminal behavior that can occur on school grounds. Private schools are twice safer than public schools. It is the result of more security with a lower teacher-student ratio. 

It is easier for students to be supervised when there are more adults on campus relative to students. Any suspicious behavior can be reported quickly. The private school offers a more safe environment that you value for your child. 

Enhanced learning environment 

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The state forces public schools to stick to strict guidelines. At the same time, the private schools rely on basic education requirements that are determined by the local government education authority. They have the freedom to teach whatever curriculum they choose. 

Our Christian classical education school uses this freedom to focus on subjects that are in line with its mission statements. Thus, for example, religious schools might offer an assortment of faith-based classes while private schools may offer a host of language classes, art, and science, music that can be budget constraints from the public school curriculum.

More networking opportunities

Many private school students become quite accomplished in their field. They stay loyal and connected to their school. If your child is a part of a private school, they will have a chance to be a part of the alumni network for this school. It can potentially lead to career opportunities down the line.  

Less emphasization on testing scores

The standard test scores can make a huge difference to the amount of funding that public schools receive from the government. In recent years, there’s been a big push within public schools to teach these tests. By teaching it, you can seriously apply creative learning within the classroom. Since it is a private school, it does not rely on the government for funds. Therefore, private school students can opt out more readily from taking standardized tests. 

Ample of resources 

Private schools usually charge tuition and have enough funding to have more resources available to improve your students’ experience. It can include everything from performing arts school in Corpus Christi, tx, to learn tools and technology. It is involved with a specialized depth of knowledge.

Having sufficient resources doesn’t just apply to financial resources. They have strong community support and active involvement of parents and staff with a united value system. It also contributes to the overall quality of the school. And it is a factor to consider when determining the right school for your child.

Opt for today’s and tomorrow’s development of your child…

Our private school at Corpus Christi creates an environment where your child can develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Parents find that schools are a good fit for their children. Because they value small class size, increase in safety, dedicated teachers, and a connected community. It provides you with an optimal education experience. 

Set your child up for academic success and consider enrolling them in a private school where every student can get one-to-one instruction. 



Annapolis Christian Academy is a private school serving students ages PreK 3 through 12th Grade. Our goal is to glorify God by partnering with families in Coastal Bend to provide an education committed to the classical and Christian ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty.

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