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6 Best Flowers to Gift on Valentine’s Day

It is often confusing and complicated when deciding on a present to gift your loved ones on Valentine’s Day Flowers.

We want something that portrays our feelings and cares for them. You cannot wrap your head around a person’s taste, making it a tedious job to decide. You need something which can be used to convey your sentiments and make them feel special at the same time.

One such thing which will never go out of style is flowers.

Six Best Flowers for Your Valentine

Gifting flowers can never go wrong; it is a gift that has no age bar and can be given to anyone and everyone.

Whether it’s for your spouse, friends, parents, kids, or old ones in the house, everyone cherishes the lovely blossom of the different types of flowers.

The best part of offering flowers is that they display the giver’s emotions.

There are flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, sorry, thank you, or for simply showing your love and care to someone, then flowers are a complete fit for every occasion.

When it comes to the day of love, people can never miss out on gifting flowers.

Here, we will mention the six best flowers and their purpose and qualities, which you can present and make Valentine’s Day memorable for your special one.

Rose for Valentines Day
Rose For Valentines Day

1 Rose

Roses have always been the number one choice when gifting flowers. Different types of roses have their meanings and symbols. Talking of red roses, they are considered the symbol of love throughout the world.

Pink roses portray admiration and can be given as a token of appreciation, whereas yellow roses are known for friendship and are usually shared between good friends.

2 Lily

Lilies not only have a mesmerizing look but have a beautiful meaning, too, acting as a symbol of purity and virtue. They are found in different colors such as red, orange, yellow, pink, and white and are more often used in weddings and are sometimes sent as a symbol of sympathy and strength to the one grieving.

Its flowers can be used in perfume making because of the aromatic fragrance present in them, and its bulbs and roots are taken into use for making various kinds of medicines.

carnation flowers
carnation flowers

3 Carnation

They are popularly known as the ‘pinks’ because of the petals with spikes that seem to be cut with pink shears. They act as a sign of luck, admiration, and affection.

They are often associated with motherly love because of Christian folklore that says they grew from Virgin Mary’s tears.

Carnation flowers can be used to prepare tea and oil extraction as well.

4 Hyacinth

These hued flowers are available in white, purple, violet, and pink; these flowers signify beauty, peace, commitment, pride, and power. They are often given to someone who loves sports as a form of encouragement and even used in funerals for their sweet note of scents.

5 Daisy

These cute flowers come in blue, white, yellow, red, and purple state new beginnings, innocence, hope, and affection. The term daisy means “days eyes” as they open in the sunshine and close up in the evening. Women are very much fond of them.

They are also called ‘Asters,’ as they come from the aster family.

Bluebells flower

6 Bluebell

These pretty flowers in blue showcase humility, gratitude, and constancy towards someone. According to Victorian culture, bluebells are seen to communicate one’s feelings and thoughts to a loved one.

The flower sap contains a sap that can be used as glue, and medicine for treating leukemia is also being made.


All the flowers mentioned above hold a significant value in culture and are highly regarded around the globe. So, you can always gift them as a token of your love to your person on any occasion.

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