Living with an active alcoholic is not an easy experience because it is riddled with frustration, stress, and a lot of regrets.

However, it is possible to adjust your approach and change your attitude concerning the problem.

The problem will no longer dominate your life or your thoughts, and you will also help the alcoholic manage it in a better way. Outlined below are five effective ways to deal with an alcoholic at home.

1. Educate yourself & Seek Support

Since confronting the alcoholic never achieves much and doing nothing will only make you miserable, seek support and educate yourself about the situation. You could start by doing the following:

Go to an Alcoholics Anonymous or any other alcoholics support meeting.
Learn how to separate your life and happiness from depending on the sobriety of the alcoholic in your home.

Learn ways on how to come to terms with the past and present and start a new relationship with the alcoholic

Get support and come up with new ways of dealing with the alcoholic’s problem by helping them come out of it

Remember that the positive results happen gradually and therefore you shouldn’t expect an overnight miracle.

2. Never Ever Cover Up

Many people who live with alcoholics try to cover up for them and will never share with other people who could be of help.

They always try to make excuses for them and therefore end up supporting the alcoholic’s denial mentality.

Alcoholics will never want anyone outside the home to find out that they have a problem, but the best thing you could do for them is letting anyone who could help know about the problem and letting them know that you know they are alcoholics and want to honestly help them.

3. Never Accept Any Unacceptable Behavior

Often times when alcoholics have had serious drinks, they tend to start behaving inappropriately which can be quite embarrassing to you or even abusive.

Most people living with alcoholics usually condone the behavior which ends up becoming worse and even very abusive. Katienicholl

Openly, and honestly let the alcoholic know that you disapprove and will not tolerate that sort of behavior in your home.

Let them know how abusive, embarrassing or even heartbreaking their behavior is and how it is affecting you and others. 5 WAYS TO DEAL WITH AN ALCOHOLIC AT HOME

4. Limit any Opportunities For Them To drink

You can’t have an alcoholic at home and have your pantry or fridge stocked with beer or wine. Get rid of all the alcohol in the home, especially if the alcoholic is your child.

You can stop giving them their allowance and monitor them closely. If there are friends who love drinking that frequent the home as visitors, you can tell them not to come if it will help. Or if they come, then set conditions that there shall be no drinking.

If you used to have dinner with wine, replace it with soft drinks or fruit dessert in order to help your alcoholic in the effort to stop the habit.

5. Be Patient With Them

It is always important to remember that the positive results happen gradually, and therefore you shouldn’t expect an overnight miracle. If their alcoholic situation is so advanced their health might also be in jeopardy.

You can apply for a European Health Card for them which will help them seek treatment for their health and alcoholic situation.

You can get the card for free, and it is also very valid in any of the EU countries. It is not easy living with an alcoholic at home, but the above ways can really help make life easier for both you and the alcoholic.

Kristy Jones lives in Liverpool and is an avid writer and blogger. Her areas of interest are food, reviews (Book/Movie), Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Fitness.

She works as a guest blogger on her chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of the European Health Card.

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