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5 unstoppable tips for getting up early in the morning

It seems that the future belongs to those who get up early. But for you, it is not that simple: you are not early in the morning. Here are the most effective techniques for getting up early and even better, tips for getting up early without fatigue. You could almost get a taste for it!

How to get up right away in the morning?  

This is surely the question you ask yourself every day when your duvet and pillows won’t let you get out of bed.

And each time, it’s the same story since the day before, you are full of motivation to get up early. But once morning comes, it’s impossible to wake up and leave Morpheus’ arms.

However, if you take a closer look, getting up early in the morning has many positive points. And it is not the followers of the Miracle Morning who will tell you the opposite.

Here are some tips that will help you get up quickly without feeling tired throughout the day.

Wondering what is the best time to get up in the morning? Or how to wake up in the morning? Here are all the answers to your questions, as well as the best tips for getting up in the morning. 

Tips for getting up early in the morning


The first thing to do to avoid lying in bed for too long and forgetting the snooze function of your alarm clock.

The snooze function? yes, you know, it’s this little option (a miracle for some) that allows you to postpone your alarm clock indefinitely. While this may seem practical, it is on the contrary counterproductive for the quality of your sleep.

To get up early and in a good mood, you must avoid turning it on and, on the contrary, get up without procrastinating. From the first ring, and even if the exercise turns out to be difficult: get up without thinking twice. Worse: lift your duvet all at once, with just one: beneficial boost guaranteed. After that, you will have to get out of bed!

To wake up feeling great, remember that the better the quality of your sleep, the smoother you will wake up. So you can use an application to analyze and calculate your sleep time. Today there are many apps to help you understand how your nights are going and what you need to change or improve to sleep better.

You will be able to know the times when you are in deep sleep and the periods when you are only lightly dozing off. This will allow you to change your rhythm in the evening and in the morning to adapt to your sleep cycles. You will find that sometimes it is enough to bring your bedtime forward a little (and not delay the time to get up) to feel great.

What is the best time to get up in the morning?


There isn’t really an early hour to wake up in the morning. It all depends on your pace, your days, your organization but above all, your need for hours of sleep.

Some people will feel great after having slept between 6 to 7 hours, others will rather need 9 to 10 hours of sleep to have a good day. Use the sleep app to determine when to go to bed and when to wake up to sleep better.

Finally, don’t go from waking up in the morning at 8 a.m. to waking up at 5:45 a.m. all at once. You risk not lasting, and incidentally, cracking after two days. Take it easy, step by step.

Slowly advance the time you wake up, 15 minutes earlier for three days then again 15 minutes and so on… This is the best way to achieve your goal without feeling very tired.

Be careful, keep the same rhythm on weekends! While it’s traditional to sleep in every Saturday and Sunday morning, it’s the best way to break your hard-earned new rhythm. You can get the best good morning message from our website.

Positive? You will be able to enjoy your weekend like never before!

How to wake up in the morning?


One of the keys to an easy and fatigue-free awakening is having a ritual that you will shape before you go to bed and when you wake up.

These two little routines will allow you to send a signal to your brain to tell it that you will have to fall asleep at night, but also that it is time to wake up in the morning. Create habits that will make you smile in the morning!

Do a workout, take a singing lesson, do meditation, organize meetings with friends… One thing to remember: choose things that make you want, that motivate you, and so on.

Of course, it’s hard to get up in the morning, but depending on what you’re going to do, it’s well worth it! This is the best way to find the strength to change your habits without suffering any frustration.

If you can, wake up in daylight, not in total darkness. Natural light slows down or even stops the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. At the same time, the level of cortisol, which gives us energy, will increase.

If you stay in the dark, the opposite will happen and you won’t really want to get up …

If you can’t wake up to sunlight, know that there are alarm clocks that use light therapy to stimulate beautiful natural light.



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