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5 things you should know about concept driven learning

What is concept driven learning?

Concept driven learning is a teaching approach that at its core is all about getting the underlying concept and the big picture. Imagine a math problem. Most of us, as parents grew up learning that getting the correct answer matters the most. But when it comes to application in real-life situations, we understand that knowing the concept is more important.

Concept based teaching offered by best IIT/NEET coaching school in Andhra Pradesh, like Sri Prakash Group of Institutions focuses on just that. introducing the child to concept learning so that they no get math and physics problems in IIT and EAMCET right but also know how to apply concepts in real life.

When a child looks at his mother cook in the kitchen, a child who understands concepts will easily comprehend that water boiling for tea is nothing but the water cycle- water evaporating and condensing. That is the difference.

The best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh often advertise offering all round development or concept based learning. Teaching and learning holistically involves complete commitment from all the stake holders – students, teachers, school, and parents. Everyone contributes to the development of the child.

Knowledge based education vs concept based education:

Let’s face it. Over decades, our learning practices, teaching methods, educational system has incentivized rote based learning, forcing us to follow a knowledge driven approach – where knowledge is more important. Over the years, as students began travelling abroad for their higher studies, or faced their peers from other cultures as a part of their work, they have struggled with a gaping hole in strength of concepts, unable to apply them in real life.

We have memorized facts and tables, formulae and equations, so that we score perfect marks on tests, and get admissions into the best colleges, and assume that getting the answer right is equal to mastering the concept.

Advantages of concept based learning:

The concept based learning approach has many advantages over traditional rote based, or knowledge based learning.

  • They ask better questions as concept based learning encourages them to examine, investigate, fail, pick up and put things together.
  • They are more confident, are better at problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking.
  • Learning for them is more fun, and they know why they are learning things.
  • They are quicker thinkers, and don’t lose focus.

Concept Based Learning at Sri Prakash

The pedagogy at Sri Prakash is designed specifically to develop students’  academics and personalities. Sri Prakash curriculum is carefully designed keeping in mind CBSE syllabus, blended with concept based course work. Students get an early start with problem solving skills when they are taught the concept based thought process. It is a more interactive dialogue between the teachers and learners, where everything around is based on inquiry, experience. And thinking through field trips, community involvement, and ownership which automatically makes the child a good performer anywhere and everywhere.

Skills developed with concept based learning

With concept based learning, the students are in charge of their learning process. Teachers, parents and the environment around are facilitators in that process.

What happens in this process sis the student develops important life skills like collaboration, right questioning, research and scientific process involved in problem solving, acceptance of failures, leadership & management.

Students learn the art of time management, delegation and leadership and team work from an early age. Sri Prakash is the best school in Rajamahendravaram that follows a unique concept based discipline, giving them a sneak-peak into the outside world.

In conclusion…

As a parent and primary caregiver, we must understand that the world around us is changing at a break neck speed. With the advent of the internet knowing things alone is not sufficient. Because having a mobile device in your hand already gives you access to information and knowledge. What one must do to stand apart is go deeper than that. It is we who must lead the children onto the path of self-discovery. And help them understand that the world they will step into will be one where understanding how and why things happen will be more important than just knowing that they happen. And for this purpose alone, concept based learning is the only sane way out.

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