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5 Things to Keep in mind during DrChrono EMR Demo

Electronic medical record, or EMR, is the highly essential EMR software used by practices and clinics to make the running of their clinical documentation smooth and fast. However, EMR is no longer just about maintaining records of patients visiting a clinic; but the EMR must also come with an element of practice management and billing system.

An EMR solution that provides all this and more to clinics is DrChrono EMR! If you like the features you’ve seen so far and want to check out the DrChrono software EMR demo, we’ve made a list of five things that we think you need to keep in mind During DrChrono EMR!

5 Things To Keep In Mind During DrChrono EMR

Instantly Check For Insurance Eligibility

When patients visit your practice, many of them will need to be covered by an insurance provider. It can be a pretty tiresome task to deal with the insurance coverage check – however, DrChrono makes sure the entire process is automated.

DrChrono acts like your real-life billing and finance team, checking whether patients are eligible for insurance at the very beginning when you enter their medical information into the system. Not only that, with this powerful software, you can also handle claims issues, generate statements for patients, and report appropriately to the HCFA to avoid penalties. 

Connect With Patients Using an Intuitive Portal

While you’re in the process of getting the DrChrono software demo, another place you can keep an eye out for is the online and integrated portal that is available to the patients. This portal is the ultimate space for your patients to log in and find all the information they need.

The portal is user-friendly and allows your practice to be paperless when interacting and communicating with patients. Missed appointments and miscommunication are things of the past as your patients can see all vital info in an easy-to-use portal. 

You can use this portal to send over reminder emails that have been automated for every patient, keeping in mind that all communication is secured and HIPAA compliant. DrChrono works hard to ensure no one can share private medical information with anyone without the patient’s express permission. 

Check Patients In With Ease

One of the most annoying things about going to the doctors has to be the long wait in the reception for pretty much every patient. You have to answer lengthy and intrusive questions with a nurse or staff member, which isn’t quite what anyone wants.

DrChrono doesn’t work like that. Instead of answering questions, The clinic can use a kiosk or device to get people to enter their information safely and securely. Not only that, the information that patients add to this form will be automatically added to the system’s population, meaning you don’t have to do the administrative work anymore. 

With DrChrono EMR, you can keep your office paperless and find ways to improve the patient experience time and time again. 

Create Customizable Forms and Templates

Suppose you have a clinic that offers specialized care. In that case, DrChrono is an excellent fit for you, mainly because of its outstanding features that allow for customizations in the forms and templates. Why is this helpful, you ask? Well, clinics that offer specialized care also need specific and detailed information from their patients.

For example, a psychiatric clinic will need completely different information from a dermatological one when asking patients questions. Rest assured, DrChrono’s goal is to work flexibly with various clinics and practices across the nation.

You’ll see this in your DrChrono software demo when you see how easily available the customizable forms and templates are, along with the parameters for things like vitals, which you can set according to your needs. 

Store Data Remotely

You might forget to ask about data storage when taking your DrChrono software demo, but we’re here to remind you that it’s an integral part of your needs! DrChrono EMR lets you have unlimited storage space. It backs up the data automatically and keeps the information remotely accessible and portable.

The data syncs automatically when used outside of the office and is shared with patients to show essential results, reports, and more. DrChrono may reintegrate your older data into the software to create a comprehensive database. 

Is the DrChrono EMR the Right Fit for Me?

Now that you’re here and checked out this article of what to keep in mind for the DrChrono software demo, you are on the right path. Once you receive the demo, you will have the information that you need to make an informed decision about DrChrono EMR. We are confident you will consider DrChrono a good option for your practice!

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