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5 Standard Tips to Select Jaipuri Bedsheets for Different Seasons

Are you thinking of buying a cotton Jaipuri bedsheet? So, why hustle, go visit the website online and order it. And, if you are visiting Rajasthan then buy there. Wait, but how do choose a perfect fit? The most common is the thread count, to look for but is it enough? No, there are other factors too that need to consider before buying Jaipuri bedsheets.

Best Styles and Prints in Jaipuri Bed Sheets:

Styles, prints, and colors play an important role when you buy them for different seasons. For different seasons, there comes varieties of bed sheets. But, if you buy cotton Jaipuri bedsheets, it works for both summer and winter. In summers, a Jaipuri cotton bed sheet will absorb your sweat and feels soft for the skin when you sleep at night. And, in winter bedsheet retains your body heat and makes you feel warm. But, there are tips one should consider before buying.
jaipuri double bed sheets

Standard Tips to consider before buying Jaipuri Bedsheets.

  1. Check your mattress:


    The size of the mattress is required because the corners of your Jaipuri bed sheet online should not hang on the side, it will look messy and unorganized. The size of the bedsheet should be 1 inch more from every side. If you are looking to buy a new bed, then the mattress also plays an important role. For a single bed, there is another type of demand for a bedsheet. Ask the vendor, they will help you with all.

  1. Size of the bed:


    A standard double Jaipuri print bed sheet is universal, but you can have a queen-size or king-size bed at home. So, ask for the bed size bed sheet. There is a various range available for different sizes of beds. A kid’s bedroom with a single bed requires a single bedsheet with one pillow cover and one cushion is also available.

  1. Prints and colors:


    The prints depend on the choice of an individual, there are wide varieties available in Jaipuri prints, so choose according to that. Prints such as mandala, dandiya or bani-thani, etc.

    The colors play an important role because they should complement your interior. It can be bold colors or fine bright colors, depending on your choice.

    If you have kids at home, you can choose dark colors which come in wide ranges such as ethnic prints, multicolored prints, etc.

  1. Material quality:


    The thread count decides the quality. There should be 250-300 counts of thread per inch of the square. This count is ideal because if you have more than 350 it never increases the quality. But, it increases the cost, so choose wisely. Search for Jaipuri bedsheets online, check the description you will find the thread count and can judge the quality.

  1. Hand-washable:


    For long-lasting durability, choose to wash them separately. Fill water in your washing machine and pour two spoonfuls of detergent and leave it for minutes. Then, put your bedsheets. It will never spoil the quality and looks clean after it gets dry. Also, to protect it from stains do not put any other cloth with them in the machine.

    For decorating your room, your Jaipuri double bedsheet plays a vital role. It changes the entire tone of the bedroom, which is good because you do not have to change the entire furniture or curtains. Just change your bed sheets every week and you are done. There are many prints available such as hand block, screen printing, bag printing, etc are available online. More ideas of how to change the vibe of the room will help you find a perfect fit of bed sheets for your room.

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