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5 Differences between Cloud and Dedicated Server

Cloud and Dedicated server

Hosting industries offers various types of solutions and services to your business grow in terms of online presence. It is gaining it its own importance as people are transferring from traditional business to e commerce or modern business to buy cloud and dedicated server. Hence a proper online present requires some of the perfect solution to carry on business operations smoothly.

The hosting provider’s offers wide variety of hosting options in order to help customers to get onto the right server.

The person who knows a bit about technical terms of hosting mostly gets in confusion between a cloud server and a dedicated server.

There are some differences between both of them. Here in this blog, we will understand what is the meaning of Cloud Server and dedicated server. And also, some major differences between them.

What is a Cloud Server?

Firstly, we should know what cloud is. So, a cloud is a group of connected servers to share the load via internet which can leased as a part of software service.

A cloud server is a physical server which runs on the structure of cloud computing.

This means it works on the cloud computing platform via internet which can be accessed remotely. This type of virtual server has all the software which runs the units.

What is a Dedicated Server?

As a name suggest Dedicated Server is wholly dedicated towards a particular website and its need.

In this type of server, you get high amount of flexibility, scalability and accessibility.

This is because all the server resources are utilizing by one web owner. And no other website is allowed to enter.

So as no server resources are shared by anyone dedicated server brings more speed, reliability and security.


5 Major Differences between Cloud and Dedicated Server

After knowing about some of the definitions of cloud and a dedicated server.

It’s time to know what are the major differences between the two of them. However, to remind a cloud server is a virtual server where you need not buy and maintain any hardware.

They are the responsibility of web hosting providers. On the other hand, a customer has to buys or rent a server from a web hosting provider in dictated server.

To make a certain buying decision for the perfect web hosting solution you should know the most major differences between cloud and a dedicated server. Here are some of the differences to help you with the basic understanding.


The best feature of a cloud server is that it never lacks availability. This means if the website gets much traffic and higher loads then it can shift its load to the other server which is vacant.

This means you face less downtime and your website remains up and running all the time.

On contrary, a dedicated server may lead you to face downtimes and hardware failures.

As they are not virtual servers and cannot adjust themselves accordingly.


We all know that cloud servers are highly scalable and can adjust the website needs accordingly.

Resources like Cores, RAM, and Storage, etc. can be easily increased or decreased according to the website traffic and other website-related things. It ultimately helps in increasing your website performance.

On the other hand, if we talk about a dedicated server, they are some changes to scale your website when compared to a cloud server.

Scaling a dedicated server may be time-consuming.


In cloud server you delegate security measures to your hosting provider. And that’s the only reason why experts ask you to buy cloud server from well-known company.

All the security measures are in control by the IT or the support department of the web hosting provider. Hence, you need not to worry about your cloud security.

A dedicated server needs some hard work of maintaining and installing security related things.

You have to look after the up-gradation of your dedicated server and take preventive measures to ensure your confidential data secure.


Cloud works upon pay as you go method which means you only pay for the services which you are using.

This is the most famous feature of the cloud that its billing is based on your website resource usage.

This is also the reason that why cloud is expensive than owing a dedicated server.

If you ask about the dedicated server than the major difference is dedicate server are costly than shared hosting types.

Here you do not share any resources with anyone and it represents a property to you.

To conclude you have to pay a certain amount on regular billing period irrespective of the server usage made by you.


Cloud Server lacks in providing the full access and controllability of the resources.

They are limited to some extent offered by web service providers. On the contrary Dedicated Server provides a high level of controllability over your server.

Here you can easily install applications and programs to enhance server and website productivity.

Which is the best between the two?

After knowing about the cloud and dedicated server. And also, their major differences.

You must be in doubt that which of these options will be the best and most suitable to cater to your needs. The answer of this question entirely depends upon the business enterprise and its goals.

To make it more clearly visible a cloud server will be best for e-commerce websites. This is because they have fluctuating website and server demands.

On the other side if you are more focused on high performance and control then you should go with a dedicated server.


In conclusion, we have discussed the meaning of cloud server and dedicated server.

Moreover, we are now clear about the major difference between them. And so far, we also know that both of them have their own features and befits.

Hence the choice of selecting the server wholly depends upon the business needs and wants.



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