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4 mistakes that you must avoid while hiring a logo designer

Hiring a logo designer

Logo designing is one complex job and there is a lot of room for mistakes. Not only while designing but also when you are searching the market to look for the best logo designers. No brand or organization wants to go with the unprofessional and lousy logo designers who are not aware of the nitty-gritty of the design. There is no denying the fact that logo designing is no walk in the park. There are a few things that the logo designer MUST consider before embarking on the journey of designing the logo.

People do not generally think it is important to create a creative and killer logo for the organization, they think it is not as essential and most organizations deem it necessary. You would see people suggesting you invest in professional designers, and hire the experts and pros for the job. And most importantly do not risk failures by going with amateur and unskilled designers. It’s your brand reputation you cannot take that risk, now can you? So why not hire the best in town because branding is one of the most important parts of overall marketing right? If you need come kickass logo design service, search no more, because Ingenious Gurus are right in the market blessing the business organizations with their crazy and next level logo designs. 

However, the following are a few mistakes that you SHOULD avoid while hiring a logo designer. We all know how pretty tricky that is, we want to extend our help to you and help you make a better decision.

Taking friend’s help

There is always one logo designer available in every family or friends circle, people often go to them when they are looking to save some bucks and looking for some crazy discounts. In such cases, the organizations and businesses often result in compromising the quality, which is the biggest downside of hiring friends for the job.

Such work deals do not only put a dent in the friendship or relationship but the hiring person may also overlook the wrongs of their friends and family only to save their relationship. This kind of settlement results in putting your brand reputation in jeopardy. There is no denying the fact that while you are logo designing there are many retakes and revisions over it. It often results in ruining the brand image and reputation, which is a huge mistake!

Do not overdo it

Finding the right balance is the key to have a successful and right marketing technique, overdoing and underdoing anything is not the right way to achieve the desired goal. There has to be a balance in everything. Once you have lost it, you have lost it all. Make sure you are on a level with everything else.  

There often comes a time when the designer needs to let the logo designing process go and welcome the new designs and ideas. Nitpicking every idea is pretty easy therefore it is important to undertake every process with extra care. Repeating everything and going in circles can be a huge hurdle for you and end up spending too much time unnecessarily on something very petty. A very good and attractive design can be ruined because of it.

Unaware of what you want

Not knowing what you want is the biggest turn-off in the marketing department. In such cases, the logo designer has the upper hand and they take advantage of your vulnerability. You need to be informed and known about what exactly do you want from your organization and what message do you want to send. If you go blank in front of the designer’s chances are they would just do what they want to do without realizing your needs and desires. 

Do not make the mistake of doing that, it’s highly disappointing and unprofessional. Even if you are in a position where you do not know how to carry out things it is better you take someone else on board with you who has a better idea about how things are done at your organization and how you want things to happen.

It is important if you have any color scheme in your mind or design or idea whatever you can come up with. Whatever you have in your mind, throw it to your designer and together you can work out something great!

Change the Typeface

Do not in any circumstance go for your own typeface, it is important if you depend on your designer a bit and give them the idea about changing the typeface. It’s pretty easy to have your own typeface and get attached to it. there are hundreds of typefaces available online, do not go for the regular ones that you generally go to. It creates a standard for your brand and you are then less likely to cross it.

One thing that you must consider is, do not to change the font if you have already used and decided on the website font. It can create confusion online and you do not want that trust me. It’s better to have uniformity online. It not only creates confusion but gives out a wrong impression in front of your competitors or your target market. So always be sure about the typeface.

The best agency to go with for your logo designing services is none other than Ingenious Guru, try them and you will never be disappointed!


Jack Leo is a professional digital marketer that is working for a leading Digital Marketing Agency – inGenious Guru. Apart from that, he is an active blogger who admires reading and sharing information regarding the latest tech trends and gaming news. He is an avid gamer who spends his nights taking on any challenger he finds in all leading FPS games.

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