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3 Things You Must Avoid When Working On Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a great way to get your pearly whites in the best conditions, thanks to the easy-to-use Crest Whitestrips UK, you can easily whiten your teeth at home. However, whatever teeth whitening approach you choose, it is important to understand that teeth whitening is a detailed process and it is important to stay at a top of your game. While we all want our teeth to get white in an instant, it may take a few weeks before you see the best results. As you undergo the process, your aim should be to get the best result from the process. To enhance the effects, you can take a few more steps and ensure the highest level of whitening effects.

Experts suggest that avoiding a few things can help you enhance the effects. Here are three key items that you must avoid when undergoing the teeth whitening process. Must follow these guidelines while using teeth whitening strips.

Red Wine

The majority of people love to enjoy a glass of wine occasionally with lunch or dinner. While wine has great medical benefits as well and is suggested to take a glass of wine to get your dose of antioxidants, the red drink can be one of the core reason behind stained teeth. Tinted teeth are a common side effect of consuming wine, especially red ones. It is best to avoid consuming wine when you are using Crest Whitestrips UK. However, if you cannot stay away from your glass of alcohol, you can choose white or pink. It is best if you can choose a non-alcoholic drink.


Another beverage that you must steer of when using Crest Whitestrips UK is coffee. The dark-colored drink can be is one of the core reasons for teeth staining. The majority of people who consume coffee on regular basis have yellow/ pale coloured teeth. Especially, if you drink your coffee black, you are at a higher risk of getting stained teeth. You must avoid coffee when working on teeth whitening. If you cannot keeve the dose of caffeine, you must try and drink water after consuming coffee so that there is no residue on the teeth.


Tomatoes are an integral part of a wide variety of cuisines. It remains one of the core ingredients that help make the food tangy and tasty. However, little do we know that tomatoes can be a reason for teeth staining in the majority of people? Tomato juice can be stuck to your teeth and make them pale. It is recommended that while you use teeth whitening strips try and avoid food that has a lot of tomatoes or tomatoes sauce in it.

Teeth whitening process can take some time and being consistent is the key. However, it is better if you avoid eating some food items and enhance the efficacy of the treatment. The above-mentioned food items cause stains on the teeth. Try and avoid them and enjoy the best results from your teeth whitening regime. Happy smiles to you!

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