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20 Top Brilliant Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2021

Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2021

Since the evolution of the digital world, brilliant mobile app ideas have changed the concept of the whole technological world. Mobile apps are becoming popular and successful day by day. Spotify, Tinder, and Uber are some of the amazing examples that have earned their mark.

Here in this blog, we have curated some of the amazing mobile app ideas for startups:-

Mobile App Ideas for 2021


  1. AR Apps To Design The Room

Designing the room is one of the challenging situations for many. For example, while purchasing any interior decorating item or furniture, many doubt if a certain product will suit the room or not. Will they add glamour or can distress the whole interior?

This is where this savior technology has assisted to. The comprehensive AR app can help you to style your room while using cameras and placing 3D models virtually on your smartphone.

Off late, this app has been employed by numerous A-lister shopping sites. It will facilitate the user to directly order from the app.

  1. Scanning And Converting To PDF Apps

This type of mobile app idea has been gaining a lot of prominence all across the globe. The users love visiting such apps because they do not prefer visiting the store. Now, they can get their document scanned at their own comfort. And later convert them to PDF files. It can also assist the user to keep the documents intact as a soft copy. It includes notes, report cards, receipts, documents, etc.

The users can store and send the documents as multipage JPEG or PDF files.

  1. An App For Health Check-Up 

These apps can work great between health freaks. It can check their health and suggest them a proper diet plan. It will also share healthy-recipes videos that are given by professionals. You as a business can take the preliminary step to display the content as per the health condition of the patient.

Suppose your dad is a heart patient. You will be recommended the ingredients that are healthy to the heart.

Nowadays, many business owners have also partnered with grocery vendors to offer healthy items directly from the app.

  1. Apps For The Food Recommendation

Nowadays, people out of their hectic schedule look for places to chillax. For example, a person resident in Delhi, India can make a weekend plan to explore nearby places.

Food plays a key role in such time. The users will search for those restaurants that offer authentic, tasty, and trusted food. They can place their orders by checking the recommendations and reviews.

  1. Apps For Logistics

Many individuals seek to deliver their items in a short time. But many among us have faced the trouble to find the best services at the best time. Apart from this, you can get support from this transporting vehicle such as trucks that otherwise turn empty after off-loading the materials/ goods.

An app in such cases can effectively work. On the other hand, it will give the proper data of the transportation of logistics. Now, this can be made accessible to any user who is using the app.

  1. An app For Disaster Management

Nobody can stop the disaster. But we can of course prevent the disasters. A management app can warn people about disasters.  It can notify about the magnitude of the disaster and can assist to save plenty of lives.

This management app can educate people on how to act in such a disaster. It can also guide you to locate the people who are stranded, in trouble, etc.

  1. An On-Demand App For Fuel Delivery

This app will be the best for those individuals who look for fuels and do not prefer to visit fuel stations. The user can navigate through this app to find the nearest location and tag the location.

The truck driver (with fuel) will be guided. These apps would be using geolocation to reach the destination of the tagged location.  This driver will fuel the vehicle by maintaining all the standard safety guidelines.

This type of app can surely create a great revolution.

  1. A Guidance App To Help The Tourist

People know about the popular places but what about the hidden gems. This tourist guidance app can connect the tourist to the natives. This will give the tourist an insight into the unexplored place. A place that does not get much attention as it must be deserved.

  1. A Motivational And Task-Scheduling App

This type of app can let the user schedule their fundamental things. It includes cleaning up, exercising, and reading according to the user’s convenience. This motivational and task-scheduling app will motivate the user. It will also notify the users with reminders to accomplish the task altogether.

  1. A Secure App For Home Security

This type of mobile app can give the privilege to the user to control entire security devices. They can set up the surveillance camera and burglar alarm at their home.

The user can manage to check that with home security apps. They can do the surveillance from their office space and check/ access the footage whenever and wherever they want.

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  1. An app For Birth Control And Calculate The Periods

This app can do wonders for the female genre specifically. These apps can efficiently notify about the monthly cycle and raise the alarm if menstruation is late. It will also give an idea about the medical attention if the user (female) has irregular periods.

Nowadays, numerous businesses have implemented this module. It will send the reminder to take birth-control pills.

  1. A Real-Estate App

These types of mobile apps did well over the past few consecutive years. The researchers claim that this market will boom. The app can connect the tenant to the owner, or users can purchase their dream home. This app can also give them a deep insight into the nearby locations and landmarks.

In short, this app can bring value to a normal individual. If you as a business owner pitch aptly then you can assuredly make a space in the market. For this, you can get in touch with a leading android app development agency. These agencies will have the proficiency to develop an app with the right strategies. They will implement the right plan of action that can earn you great ROI.

  1. An App To Consult A Doctor

This app can help the user to consult a physician. The user can place their doubts or put up the question. On the counter, the physicians can give them proper medication and guidance. Other than this, the user is also fed with updates on the recent advancement in medical science.

  1. An App For Language Learning

Numerous people around us look to enhance their skills and have broader life experiences. You as a business owner can take full advantage of this. All you have to do is develop an app that can assist the user to explore new languages.

The user can further use it to progress as per their level of knowledge. You can even launch this app idea with audio features. It will guide them to learn and pronounce the language correctly.

  1. An On-Demand Fitness App

A lifestyle app that can hit the right audience who are health-conscious. This app can track the habits of the users. They can take assistance from registered health coaches, pathologists, and nutritionists.

It would be equipped with numerous charts. It can help the user to manage their overall health. This includes blood pressure, weight, sugar level,  etc. You as a business can also implement lifestyle plans, meal, and nutritional charts.

You can also implement chatbots. This will help the user to get in touch with the health professionals.

  1. An App For Voice Translations

One of the primary concerns for any individuals while moving abroad is not having any knowledge of the language. How about an app that can translate the voice. Don’t you think it can be a great revolutionary? It can also set the communication for the travelers?

The users can speak their words on the phone which will be then translated as per their desired language. It will work both ways. The other language will be translated into the user’s language. And this will happen in real-time.

  1. An App To Scan The Shops

This type of mobile app can let the users scan the products. The user can find the desired product or its closest substitute. They can purchase it instantly from the online shop.

  1. An App To Record Calls

Many among us are victims to prank calls, harassment, and phishing. They can record the call and present it as evidence against cyberbullying.

  1. An App That Alerts The Users About The Warranty Expiries

This app can send notifications to the user about the expiry of their purchased product. The product can be electronics, household items, etc.

  1. A Business Tip Mobile App

Young entrepreneurs look for apps that can keep them going in tough situations. You can develop a forum-like app with the right techniques as well as strategies to maintain your business successfully.

In a nutshell!!

If you want to try something new then consider these brilliant mobile app ideas. Make sure that you hire mobile app developers from established agencies.

Author’s bio

The author is a mobile app developer at MobileCoderz, the leading mobile app development company. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT sector. He has expertise in marketing, business planning, sales, etc. He has flawlessly defined business models for his clients.

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