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13 Best Type Of Biography That You May Read Know

Types Of biography

Although there are many types of biography. A biography writing is a type of writing in which we usually write about some historical fiction. Biography Writing literary genre that consists of the narration of the life of a real person, knowing the most important events that he has experienced.

There are many people who have made history, to become important figures. Because of what they have done in their lives. 

This is how especially in the modern age and the renaissance, biographies were born. A literary genre that consists of the narration of the life of a person. Knowing the most important events that he has experienced. And recounting the events that led him to become a relevant figure.

We have all read some biography or fragments of it throughout our lives. Scientists, musicians, athletes. There are many people whose lives are interesting enough to put on paper. We all have had, have, or will have a story to tell. And this is where biographies come into play.

What are biographies and how are they classified?

Biographies are lengthy as we do in write my paper for me literary genre, which consists of the written narration of the most important events, arranged chronologically, of a person’s life. From the Greek bios, meaning “life,”. And graphein, meaning “to write,”. We can understand biography as the writing of the life of a historical.

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In any case, this simple definition and the fact that we have all read a biography or fragments of it at some point make us not realize the literary richness that exists within this genre. And to get to know this diversity, it is best to immerse ourselves in the different types of biographies that exist.

  • Flat Biography

By flat biography, we understand all that biographical text. that is printed in a physical format. Unfortunately, this printed format is becoming more and more obsolete.

  • Autobiography

By autobiography, we understand all that biographical text written by the same person whose life is recounted in the biography. That is, a person writes his own biography, without the need for a third party to narrate it for him. The author narrates his own life About him.

  • 3rd Part biography

By biography written by a third party, we understand all that biographical text that has not been written by the protagonist himself but by an outsider. The author narrates the life of a person at the request of the same or by her own will.

  • Fake Autobiography

By false autobiography, we understand all that autobiographical text that pretends to be true but that ends up being discovered that contains unreal events sold as true. The author, who narrates his own life, has cheated during the process, inventing events for literary spectacularity but that ends up making the biography lack rigor.

  • Fake biography

By false biography we understand all that biographical text in which the author, with or without the knowledge of the person whose life he is narrating, is lying in the narration process, inventing events that never happened. In this case, it is more common to do it with biographies of people who have already died.

  • Biography in the first person

The biography in the first person is one that, being always autobiographical in nature, is narrated using the first person singular and plural. The author, who is also the protagonist of the story, recounts the events from his own perspective, using the “I”. It is an unusual format.

  • Authorized Biography

In Authorized Biography usually the writer conducts an interview with the subject’s book etc. That is, she accepts and authorizes (sometimes she even requests it herself) that a third party write her biography, so the creation process is usually joint.

  • Informative Biography

Informative biography is one that, mixing exposition and narration formats, has a clear objective will but recounts the facts in a more narrative way.

  • Personal Biography

The personal biography is one that focuses on the most personal aspects of the protagonist’s life, without paying much attention to the professional level. In this way, it especially recounts his relationships with his relatives, partners, friends, etc., immersing us more in his emotional component.

  • Critical Biography

The critical biography is a type of biography in which the author does not report objectively, but rather gives himself the freedom to criticize the events and events of the life of the person whose biography he is recounting. Thus, the author thinks of what he is narrating and recounting. It can be a positive or negative way.

  • Research Biography

The research biography is the type of biography that behind has a very powerful investigative process by the author. Typical of biographies of people who died a long time ago about whose life there is very little information and the documents are scarce, old, incomplete, and scattered, 

it requires a strong research task.

  • Standard Biography

The standard biography is a type of biography which we understand. All the characteristics of typologies that we have seen. 

  • Resume

And we end up with a form of an autobiography. That we don’t usually think of as a type of biography “biography” but really is. A resume is no longer a written exposition. The most important events of our professional and academic life. It is important, yes, that it is not fictitious. That we can find problems.


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