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13 Best Security Practices to Secure Your WordPress Website

Gatsby Wordpress

13 Best Security Practices to Secure Your WordPress Website

Enhanced Gatsby WordPress Themes security may not require a huge investment or complex technical knowledge. Here’s how to increase your website’s security by practicing simple to learn security practices. WordPress security is a subject of immense importance for every website owner but headless WordPress. Google blacklists about 10,000+ websites each day for malware and nearby 50,000 for phishing every week. Although WordPress core software is highly secure, and it’s audited periodically by a number of developers, there is a lot that can be done to keep your website secure.

Technical Security 

Technical security refers to what stack to prefer to build your website, like earlier it was considered that one way or another the websites can get hacked like that of build with a traditional Content Management System as they are exposed to SQL injections. 

While technology has revolutionized and headless CMS like headless WordPress is being used in Jamstack technology that is based on the decoupled approach. This means that the frontend is built separately using a static site generator like Gatsby and Next while the backend is based on headless CMS like headless WordPress. This modern technology and approach to web development are highly secure since they use APIs for creating a link between two different platforms. 

Non-Technical Security

  1. Regular Updates

The CMS releases regular computer code updates to enhance website performance, together with its security, ensuring to stay secure from new online threats. Thus, change your website is that the most elementary WordPress security follows you’ll be able to do.

  1. Secure admin Credentials

One of the foremost common mistakes several users still do to the present day is the mistreatment of common usernames like “admin,” “administrator,” and “test.” Since these usernames are therefore universal, you shouldn’t be shocked to seek out failing login attempts whereas browsing through your WordPress website logs.

  1. Using Trusted Themes

Despite being cheaper, nulled themes have a lot of security flaws. They typically carry malware, spam links, and backdoors that will endanger your WordPress security. Stackground is the Jamstack platform for trusted Gatsby headless WordPress themes. The modern platform is providing beautifully designed and highly secure website themes that build industrial competitive faster websites.  

  1. Secure Web Hosting

Your internet hosting supplier incorporates a vital role to keep your server secure. In alternative words, your website security won’t matter a lot if the server it’s on is vulnerable to cyberattacks. The modern trend of CDNs and ADNs like Netlify and Vercel are secure hosting service providers for modern web applications.

  1. Malware Security

The most common forms of malware area unit viruses, spyware, and ransomware – all of which might be implausibly harmful to your website. Therefore, it’s crucial to scan your website often and learn what numerous WordPress plugins are ready to provide. Fortunately, there are many nice plugins to settle on from.

  1. Frequent Backup 

The process might sound tedious, however, there are several backup plugins like VaultPress and BlogVault that may create it hassle-free.  Protip, use the plugin that has an Associate in Nursing automatic backup feature to save lots of it slow and avoid having obsolete backups hindering your system.

  1. Remove Unused Plugins

As themes and plugins will probably have vulnerabilities, it’s not an honest plan to pile them abreast of your website for no reason, particularly if it’s been a short time since they were last updated. having superannuated nonetheless active plugins will increase the chance of cyberattacks as hackers will use them to achieve access to your website.

  1. Changing default database file extension

The website’s information is that it is the most favorite target for SQL injection attacks. These styles of cyberattacks force the information to execute malicious code, permitting hackers to switch or eliminate the info at intervals freely. As SQL injection attacks comprise several hacking tries launched per month, you shouldn’t take this threat gently.

  1. Disable PHP error reporting

The PHP error report helps you to find errors at intervals in the PHP files a lot quicker. However, it conjointly permits others to check your site’s vulnerabilities. WordPress disables the error news performed by default.

  1. Blocking hotlinks

Hotlinking may be a term used once somebody uses your image’s computer address to show the image on their own website. It’s a foul observation as a result of each time individuals visit a website with hotlinks that cause your content, it uses up your information measure. As a result, your website is going to be curtailed, probably running out of information. except for further prices, hotlinking is additionally outlawing if the content larceny links to licensed pictures that you’ve noninheritable 

  1. Enabling web firewalls

The most comfortable recognition to defend your website and be convinced regarding your headless WordPress security is by applying a net application firewall (WAF). A website firewall blocks all malicious traffic before it even reaches your website.

  1. Turning file editing rights off

WordPress inbuilt file editor helps you to modify the plugin and theme scripts abundantly easier. Despite this, this feature will endanger your website if it falls into the incorrect hands. For this reason, it’s best to disable file writing altogether.

  1. Bad SEO

Having an excessive amount of spam is dangerous for SEO and user expertise. Imagine, you’ve got many impertinent comments on a diary post.


Modern technology comes up with several benefits and it helps in securing the website seamlessly. Jamstack technology is one of the finest architectures for web development that is being discussed amongst several tech agencies and developers who are proofing it to be faster, secure, scalable, and much more.

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